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All Hallows EVE is just around the corner…

With Halloween around the corner, the boys are over excited…We had to begin decorating on October 1st which is when most if not all of our ‘stuff’ went up, inside and out. This weekend Spencer was given a math problem to work through…he has been wanting to get more and new scary (even scarier then we have) things for the yard. So he was given 20 dollars to spend how he wished… boy,he did have to make some big decisions…spend it on a spooky pirate ship for inside or get outside stuff…he took a paper with 20 squares on it once for each of the 20 bucks he had and off to Michaels we went..(dork was calling it Mike’s he is such a cornball) he saw many things he wanted but really wanted a RIP headstone. Now, mom and dad knew that everything would be on sale but he did not. He thought that the headstone was going to take all his money and after much prodding to read signs he realized that it might be on sale so off to the cashier he went to have a price check. As luck would have it (wink wink) it was half off…OMG you thought he had won the lottery. So he decided on the RIP sign and wanted to spend the rest somewhere else. He marked off the 10 squares for 10 dollars and now had 10 bucks left. Now, he is a smart kid and knew that he would have 10 dollars left but for whatever reason seeing it in squares made all the difference. So our next stop was Home Depot for paint. He was thrilled to see that they had the exact thing he was looking for…one of those glow in the dark skeletons that look like they are crawling (or clambering) to get out of the ground. As luck would continue on his side, it was 9 bucks.!!as soon as we got home, and I mean the door was open and he had the stuff in hand…we put it in the yard. He was so excited…since it was such a nice day out there were many people out for walks and he made sure that they all saw it. I think it was a great lesson and a great way for him to get what he liked and wanted but not just have it given to him. He was so proud of the work he did with the math that he told his teacher all about it and she emailed me to let me know how excited he was….

Later that afternoon we carved our pumpkins..we have two scary jack-o-lanterns now. Griffin went first and again because it was soooo nice we did it outside. Gman decided that he wanted a scary pumpkin…

a good choice from the farm

After choosing the features he wanted…….

…he helped mom empty it out and dad cut it out…

he had a scary one toothed jack o lantern….he really got into it and has been talking about a scary jack o lantern for weeks. He did well and even pulled out the seeds with me…something his dad won’t ever do.

Next Spencer…and of course a scary jack o lantern was the choice…here are a few shots of the work in progress but you will have to wait to see it lit on Halloween night..he wants it to be a surprise…proud of the choice he made at the farm…

Carving…getting so good at it too…

and this year he even pulled out his own ‘guts’… but I will have to do dads and my own still UGH!!


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