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I am so new to this whole phenomenon. I saw a link for it on a blog I read the other day. I looked, it was interesting…then I saw a youtube video and now, I am really intrigued. I have to go to Borders and see it and read some of it to get it more…the video I saw hit me in the gut at one point and you will recognize it as soon as you see it. I bet, just bet, you will have the exact same reaction, out loud, that I did. It is only 2 and half minutes and it is an advertisement but it is really well done and worth a watch..might even make you want to understand it more….

link to the blog: postsecret

link to the: YouTube video

and what about the person who lets his entire family believe he died in 9-11…the voiced versions on youtube really give the thoughts feeling and emotion…

2 Responses

  1. Interesting… I’ll have to head out to the book store soon.

  2. I have been reading PostSecret for months now. Every Sunday, I check out the new secrets. Some are just too sad to read, though.

    What part of the video effected you so strongly?

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