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Three Years OLD…is that OLD??


This mom is feeling very proud of how far her three year old has come…two years ago living in a baby home in Russia, lest we not forget the ladies that took care of him did so with love and compassion and the conditions of the baby home are better then most I hear about but really was it HOME? Not in my eyes, it was his waiting place, his place to be while his mom and dad looked for him. Fortunate, yes that the conditions he lived in closely resembled home…

On this day two years ago we were waiting with baited breath for the first time we would lay eyes and hands on this precious child…we had the referral and the pictures and the video all 1:21 minutes of it…we held on to it like life it self. We had travel dates…but we would miss his first birthday…we did not forget him that day, we celebrated, mom, dad, Spencer and Gran. We went to the movies had a nice dinner out and then stood on our deck and sang at the top of our lungs Happy Birthday to a child so far away in Glazov Russia. HE heard us I KNOW IT….we had birthday cake and celebrated the life of a little one so far away. Three days later we would leave for trip one to Russia and meet that precious gift from God. But before we left him again he was in our hearts and in our souls…he was our son.

Three years now…he has been with his family far longer then he was in the baby home. He came here with NO language and a pensive little smile, nothing really but faint memories of a home in Russia…unsure what His world was giving him. Full of live and grabbing it by the horns riding it to it’s fullest, he has complete language and is a happy no longer pensive looking child but one with the glow of a full happy life. Thank you for keeping me the oldest, youngest “FEELING” mom on the planet

Happy 3rd Birthday Griffin Andrey…mommy and Daddy and Spence love you more then you will ever know.

Opening Spencer’s Gift coloring with Spencer

2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet, sweet Griffin! Auntie Deb, Uncle Todd, Wyatt, Henry and LC love you very much.

  2. this made me cry.

    what a beautiful journey, and a beautiful boy.

    (love that photo of both boys with the sun shining in on them…)

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