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Chasing a dream?

most of you know me well enough to know…I can not miss a good storm…I have always wanted to be a severe weather chaser…junkie…if you will…I will stand in the middle of our street to watch a storm roll in..whats is even more funny, I have a friend and neighbor who is deathly afraid of a faint wind blow…she freaks out when I am standing in the middle of the street during a gustnado The little gustnado that did so much damage to this area a few years ago was really quite awesome, I am however, grateful that we were spared, as homes less then a few blocks away were not so lucky. The damage was quite extensive, however NO ONE was killed .

Today on Funny Russia check out the storm I missed rolling into Moscow…now what great photography…if I could see a storm roll in like that it would be awesome…I will just have to wait till my hubby sends me on a storm chasers weekend…anyone want to join me??

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