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Griffin’s third birthday…many days to celebrate..

So as we embarked on Griffin’s third birthday and all the celebrations I had the thoughts of a woman, a mom, in Russia…did she remember it was his birthday…did she make a wish for him…was she sad, happy, or just unfeeling about it all. I know, that as the mom who was blessed enough to be chosen to be his mom, I was happy, and dreaming of his future…the hopes and dreams of his mom.

His friends birthday party was a big hit, but, it also brought up memories for this mom of all his friends he left in the baby home in Russia….how many of them have forever families now…how many wait…I remember wanting to give each of them a little bit of me to hold on to until they too had a forever mom to hold on to forever. I did my best giving them all a little bit of my heart and my love knowing full well that Griffin would get all I had once we left that baby home for good. The ladies at the home called me the mother hen, because after greeting and hugging Griffin each day, I would spend time on the floor playing and having the time of my life with ALL the little kids….giving bits and pieces of love to each one. Then there is Hannah and Anabel…who we know from the baby home who we have contact with…it is good, it keeps me knowing that there are babies going to forever homes…

Below are picture from his friends party…we had 4 little friends over for a play date type party, l play stations set up and lunch of rocket shaped sandwiches and fruit and pretzels and a delicious Lovin’ Oven cake… the theme…his choice….LITTLE EINSTEIN’S… of course..so, with out further ado.. PS the cake and the sprinkles on the sides was completely his choice…it was a lot and I mean a lot of sprinkles.


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