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so we got it…and we are still gettin’ it…

This morning we woke to the glorious snow…8+ inches and it is still snowing…there is nothing like new fallen snow on the dirty ground…it is beautiful..It took Richard nearly an hour to get it all off the drive with the snow blower! He was out making the neighbors mad at about 5:15 this morning….of course Griffin was there to greet him when he came in…that child is such an early riser…doesn’t he know his momma is a late sleeper…

Spencer has a half day of school and has the afternoon planned out already…snow ball fights, snowmen and snow forts and sledding…not in that order though…his brother is right there with the yeah Spence me too…good lord he is trying to BE his brother…it is soooo cute…

Well I best get done with what I can before the afternoon arrives and I have no time to do anything, hope some of you got the white stuff too..

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  1. we got about 1/2 inch. bummer. 1/2 inch is just annoying.

    throw a snowball for me and put some extra mallows in the cocoa!

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