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and they say we will get more tonight!!

he he he….that is another possible 5 inches…that would be ultra cool…however we have Post Placement Report Number 2 in Evanston tomorrow…but hey I can drive in this weather have been all my life and that is a long time….just ask my SIL’s who are both 10+ years younger then me, they like to take every opportunity to remind me just how old I really am…

SO yes, I am ready for PPR 2 and have my photos ready to go and my answers all ready for Dori and then it is out to lunch with my favorite Cradle lady Sue…I am happy that we get to see her again…

Ultimatly this crazy momma is ready for another 1/2 foot of snow…and DCD and FTD sorry about the power failure hope it doesn’t happen again…that could not have been fun.. you can always stay here we have plenty of room…


3 Responses

  1. ok well we just keep getting teased and teased about snow. the weather reporter keeps warning of a big “1-3 inches” coming overnight…. and the next morning i peer out into the darkness and see the pathetic new 1/4 inch dusting. how many 1/4 inch dustings do we need to add up to enough for sledding and snowballs? good grief.

  2. I wish I enjoyed this weather as much as you and was comfortable driving in it. But I don’t think I ever will. And…if we lose power one more time his week I will scream.

    Is the PPR 2 for Griffin’s adoption? How many of those do you have to have? Is it a yearly thing?

  3. Deb…it is a pleasure to like this weather…I can’t imagine not liking it…

    Yes, PPR (Post Placement Reoprt) is for Griffins adoption and it is done yearly at the anniversary of his coming home…required by the Russian Government and by doing them I am doing my part to keep adoptions flowing in Russia and children being taken from orphanages and put into loving homes. Honestly it is not a big deal…Dori and I talk often enough that really it is just a chance to get together..Sue is not part of it but she and I are such good friends now that we just like to get together.. one more and we don’t have to do them…then I will just have to go down there once a year to visit!!

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