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weekend wrap up…

We had a wonderful weekend…not too much going on but nice nonetheless…Saturday, our church did a free babysitting from 9:30 – 2 PM and we of course took advantage of it…first the kids had the practice for the Christmas program then on to the fun and games of the babysitting time….they seemed to have a fantastic time….Richard and I did some cleaning up at the house and then had a real lunch together complete with adult-like conversation…amazing. Later that night we had a Christmas party at a neighbors home and the boys had Miss Allison for their sitter…they really like having here here and she brought cookies for them to decorate so that was a fun time for them….our party was very enjoyable…it is nice to be out with the neighborhood friends without the children interrupting. There was good food and spirits and I even had a White Russian….yum…we have a neighbor who is a hoot when she gets a little over served…she was in rare form at the party, alas, we left at 11 as my laryngitis was not allowing me to talk any more. I understand the that partying continued until 2AM!! Good golly that is later then I even allow myself to scrapbook!!

Sunday was the typical, Sunday School and church. Home for lunch and nap and then back to church for The Christmas program. We have a smaller group of young people in our church, I would say from pre-k through HS we have about 50. So we are watching the program and I am enjoying that Griffin sits so much nicer then Spencer did at this age…of course Spencer is sitting with his first grade class…where he is the only boy…and he likes that…ad he is all behaving too…and Griffin starts to get ancy. I get it it is a long time to sit still and in one place…so lets just run down all the things that he decided to do:

summersault, loud clapping, loud talking, looking on hands and knees through the crack in the stage floor making various verbalized discoveries, building bridges by bridging his body between chairs, gymnastic moves……I wont go on…you get the idea…

I was not the least bit embarrassed….he is 3 it is OK…in fact it livened up the show a little bit. Oh yeah, he also has the same desires to speak into the microphone and told his teacher he wants a speaking part… I think next year Spencer will get one…he will be the youngest ever with a part in the program. He is reading so well and likes the attention I think he will do good. Better then last year….when he really wanted it then chickened out.

All in all a very nice weekend with not too much holiday stress and strain…how was your weekend…care to comment…and yes, I still have the laryngitis… it sucks…

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