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Snow days? and fun days…

So with the terrible storm that is blanketing the Midwest, all the schools here have closed for the day…really not such a bad idea since I am sure that about half the teachers could not get to school and lets not forget the bus drivers and the buses that sit outside all night long. So from that perspective it is a good idea to close school…safety…I am all for it…so OK it has been in the mid 30’s all day here with a slight continuous rain..not heavy and not unbearable. After all, it is just rain..no ICE…in about 2 1/2 hours school would have been out and the kids all home and the teachers gone…hmmm so I guess what I am saying is unless it gets freezing cold in the next hour making roads and lives horrendous, there are going to be a shit load of unhappy parents who had to miss work or scramble at the last minute to get a sitter or what have you…while I, who just came home with my boys from lunch with friends, will really not mind because the boys had a great time playing together today they got out the play doh and the playmobil and the Hot wheels and had a great time …something they really never get to do anymore…what will tomorrow bring..maybe we will get that ice yet tonight..time will tell…

5 Responses

  1. oh how i was wishing for a snow day! but, no snow. and no ice storm. just lots of rain.

  2. What a complete waste of a snow day. Wy’s Xmas pageant was canceled as a result.

  3. still no snow for us – boo and hiss.

  4. hey we finally got snow ;o)

  5. sorry about the canceling of the pagent Deb…and so glad that you got SNOW vote…

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