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A long absence..deserves a long post…

Ya know I always wondered what it would be like to not have my computer and internet access anymore…I wondered..I did not want to actually know but I did wonder…well that is no longer something I am going to ponder about…what I do know is that while I was without a cyberspace connection I was a somewhat more productive…somewhat….I did spend more time with the boys but I think that just makes them what even more time with me and that is hard because I don’t have more time to give them…I want them to play independent of me to learn and grow independently to a degree not always needing some one to play with…I want a happy medium..then there were the losses that I was feeling with all my friends whom I do not talk to other then here…on my blog or in the forum world…I missed seeing their children’s smiling faces…I missed be motivated to organize by the other big organizers here..mostly I just missed it all…so now that I am back and hopefully for a long time to come…or 6 months with the hugest credit anyone can get for internet connections…so what have I been up to…

Well…there was the first few days before break where it was business as usual in the home…school and helping out in classes…I was fortunate to get to help deliver a little surprise to Spencer’s class they were talking about and watching the Polar Express and while they were at PE I was able to go in and make and deliver hot chocolate and marshmallows and a candy cane…they were so surprised and to this day do not know how it all appeared… hehehe..I was also the mom helper in Griffin’s last class of the year…it was fun to see the boys….well boys and one girl in the class…they are a cast of characters…Griffin is the oldest…it is odd for me because where ever we went with Spencer we were ALWAYS the youngest…having the other children look up to your child is a treat…

We also had our Church Christmas program…this was Griffin’s first…the children sit on the stage and sing and talk..it is cute…but I think Griffin was bored..he did well comparatively but he did at one point try to do a somersault.. OY…i was too funny. Spencer is so grown up his teacher keeps asking him where the goofy Spencer went she wants him back..he is so serious now and well mannered…huh go figure…he still wants a speaking part in the program and his brother is anxious to get one too they love that microphone…egads!! Maybe next year Spencer will be granted special dispensation to have a speaking part…usually it is third grade.

When the winter break set in two days before Christmas we were all ready… we leave our wrapping and set up for Christmas Eve…it is a challenge and once a year we can actually stay up late enough to do it…the gifts were all bought before the break so there was no last minute rush to get that special toy…my SIL, Heather, was able to get her hands on a Pat Pat Rocket for Griffin from Spencer much earlier in the season…that was the real challenge for us this year. All the other gifts were not the latest and greatest…but they were very desired…Spencer wanted a Nintendo DS lite and some games and this terrainator vehicle that is remote control and can drive over any thing…water, snow, sand, dirt, mud you name it it can tackle it…that was all the boy asked for…how lucky can Santa get…he did a few miscellaneous other items..and his brother gave him this cool Vortex marble building toy..it is cool and they love to play with it.

G-man wanted and I quote, “a car like Spencer’s” this is exactly what he told Santa on our visit and that was the only thing he told Santa…since then he has figured out the whole I want to buy that toy thing..and asks for many many “advertised” toys..Santa was good to him too..he got this great wooden easel and every supply to become the next great artist. It has a chalk side and a dry erase side and a spool of paper for painting and markers and crayons…he got many things Little Einstein and was thrilled with each of them…OH YEAH…he did get “that car like Spencer’s” too..and he loves it ans takes it everywhere…

We did spend Christmas Eve with our Kane cousins and it was very nice for the boys to have this time with them and just them…they love to be with them and enjoy playing and seeing them. Usually there are either a. other cousins in town or b. grandparents in town that we have to see at the same time…so this was good for them and just them. T and E and DH and I had nice adult conversation about business and families and divorce (possible for a SIL and her DH) and Holiday spirt and had a great turkey dinner off paper plates with paper napkins and all at one table the 10 of us. It was cool and nice.

Christmas Day…the boys actually slept until about 7:30..I was shocked but was secretly hoping for more. After all this Santa was not in bed until after midnight. We stayed in PJ’s all day and played and played and played…the television never even went on that was the best part. At about 3:30 let packed our bags and walked to a neighbors home for dinner…I had made Lasagna that afternoon and cookies for the two days before Christmas…so we lugged that down and we had a wonderful visit and meal with them. It was a change of pace for both of us and it was good…it was nice to break with some of the 40 year traditions and do something different. We even decorated cutout cookies that night with them…it was way fun.

So here it is three days later…what I have not talked about is why I was gone and updated the business situation. Why I was gone…the reader’s digest version…I switched to Comcast for the 33 promotion 33cable 33 internet 33 phone…99 total plus taxes…when my first bill arrived in October it was 359.67..that was the first month of billing….I called they responded…oh sometimes these things take a month to catch up…November the bill arrives…525.93 nothing had been fixed or adjusted I called they told me that a manager would get back to me….come December 11 the internet and Cable were shut off…non payment of bill…ya think….I called them after many many long and brain numbing conversations I happened upon Shequita….my angel and right here in Tinley Park Illinois…..the stars were aligned and hope was on the horizon…she and I talked she cut my bill down to what it should have been for three months….she gave me a few extra credits….re instituted my internet at only 31 dollars a month for six months and I have all the premium channels for 3 months….FREE…I was beyond happy that I now have a connection at Comcast that I can pass out to others who I know have issues and she will be their angel too…BTW the last bill I got from Comcast before Shequita came to my rescue was 697.45….can you believe it…

I have been thinking about doing away with Christmas cards and going to New Year’s cards… I did this the year Griffin came home because I wanted him on our cards…I did it again last year and have decided to do it again from now on…my internet fiasco helped that discussion along since I love http://www.Shutterfly.com and could not order my cards…someday I will be back to making them and in fact I have next years design already in the works…thanks to Votemom her cards were the cutest…not going to say anymore…wink wink.

With Winter break in full swing we do not have much planned….we have spent time with some of the neighborhood friends and hope to get time with some other friends. Maybe some more cousin time too. We have a few more we would really like to see. Hint hint…we are going to take a train trip into Chicago…not my choice of course I prefer to drive but the boys really want to go on a train..Griffin has not been on one other then at Disney…so we will go to the Aquarium and do some other things while we are there…we are hoping to spend time on New Years Eve with friends who also adopted a son from Russia and have a daughter Spencer’s age….it would be a blast..Helen and Ed are a riot..that leaves a few days nest week to fill with thing for the boys to do. I know I am looking forward to that daily routine again…it is so welcome anytime…

So now you know about us…what about you…what have you been up to.

Business…ugh..the housing market is going to be the death of me…when will it end… DH and Bro are down to 5 employees..half staff..no secretary no quality draftsman…two field guys and my other brother…that is it…I just hope that they can survive this.  Prayers are always welcome for this of course…

Can I get a big welcome back already………….


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back!!!! I had the same thing happen to another forum friend who used comcast…

    Happy New Year!

  2. happy to have you back. you’ve been missed.

    thanks for the card kudos. they WERE cute, weren’t they? i usually try to make our cards and this one was fun. of course we didn’t get all 50 of them done in one sitting – haha. and some had quite a bit of green ink smeared. the girlies loved doing them.

    speaking of the girlies, it’s verrrrry quiet in the other room. bye.

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