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I want to post to you all some of our snowman pictures but I am having a helluva time figuring out the new stuff here at wordpress…I promise that I will get some up today…

Griffin was so excited to build a snowman…he has been talking about it for months and has been looking at and having read to him every snowman book he can get his hands on. At preschool the teacher brings in a water table full of snow for class and the kids put on their mittens and play…Griffin always wants to make a snow man.

We finally got some good packing snow…now for those of you who do not know that there are different types of snow, well there are…the really dry snow does nothing more then drift and blow, it does not pack at all…the really wet snow just sits like a ton of bricks, it will pack but it won’t budge in a rolling motion…in comes,… perfect snow… the snow right in between…we finally got some..but by the time we got out there, the next day, it had ‘dried out’ a little and was no longer good…however, today it started to warm up and the snow became packable again…the boys went right out and made a Griffin sized snowman. All Griffin could not wait to do was put in the carrot nose…he was hysterical…he walked around with that carrot and kept asking if it was time…mommy had to rescue the mouth and buttons…but otherwise this is their snow man…and a little weather education…

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