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Resolutions?? Just another New Year?

Ahhh the end of the year, last day of the year, reflection post….deep thinking I am not…but reflecting on the past year I can do..

We spent the first day of 2007 with an unlikely family…one from our church, whom we don’t really know, they are not really like us at all but we wanted to be close to home and in early so we decided to celebrate with them. Of course Griffin and I left early and Spencer and Richard stayed till midnight. It was quaint and mostly enjoyable.

The beginning of the year brought Speech for Griffin that was quickly acquired and, by mid year, discontinued..the beginning also brought home some new Russian children in our lives….Robbie and Peter…we also had birthdays for mommy and daddy as well as a half birthday for Spence at school…who also lost his first tooth…in MArch our friends Amy and Joe gave us a great gift…plane tickets to come to Florida for the Adoptive Families vacation in July…we are forever greatly happy to be blessed with them as friends. A very good Cyber-friend of mine Claud was reunited with her son Max after 18 years. A wonderful story indeed. Easter came and went celebrating in usual style…and Spencer had his first night at his Oma and Opa’s house…a new building block in our growing relationship with an open adoption and Spencer’s first family..

Midyear two of the cutest little girls found their way home to Michigan from Russia..it was a long and mostly downhill battle for their family but in the end it was what was meant to be…and Sybille I still think a lot about Yuri and Sasha they are in my minds eye forever. I also celebrated a year of blogging…not many readers but that is OK..it is mostly for me anyway it is not like I go promoting it everywhere…it was also a Summer of Cicadas…my boys were in heaven on earth..it was the summer to go to the first Adoptive families vacation held in St. Pete’s FL…it was a wonderful vacation and wonderful to met many new friends…I only wish more of us could have been there..The boys started school and though I knew I would enjoy my alone time I did not expect to be so happy for them to come home each day!! We had more birthday fun in August as Spencer turned six…really six…hard for me to believe..Griffin moved to a big boy bed with no issues and also became fully potty trained…no issues again..he is an awesome kid.

Now the end of the year….getting angry with some of my neighbors and my hood…I think it happens every summer we just get tired of each other by the end of summer… family day, our anniversary and hob goblin ending October with Halloween…going right into National adoption month in November and G-man’s 3rd birthday!! It was a good month to end being thankful for all that we have and all that we can give…emotionally, spiritually and even physically. December brought a lot of anxiety and turmoil..the business being the biggest part of it all..

I do have hope for the future…I pray that there can be peace in the countries of turmoil and that our men and women can finally come home to their families. I pray that there can be a peaceful solution to the problems facing my DH at work one that can make his life better and still keep harmony in the extended family. I pray for each and every orphaned child in the world that they may someday know the love and care of a family and at the very least love and care of another person.

I desire to become a better mom and Lutheran. I do not want to ‘thump’ the Bible but I want to become a Christian. I want to make a bigger difference in the life of someone else…not my children or husband but someone other…I vow to become more organized and keep a better home, cooking healthy meals and spending more frugally. Are these really resolutions…call them what you want…they are things I want to do this year and for following years but the world will not end for me if I don’t. I am not stressing myself out for them either..

I plan on making the year better all around being more positive and helpful to others. I want to see changes in my life this year and I am going to work towards all of these goals. Read along with me this year and see how I do…comment if you are so inclined (I would really like and appreciate it) let’s see how I do.

HAPPY 2008 and as my friend Karen C. says.. 2008 WILL BE GREAT


2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year!

    I can’t wait to see you, and your boys, again on the 19th.

  2. Happy New Year!!! I think wanting to be “better” in the coming year is a great “resolution”. I think giving back to the community is a great thing!!

    Good Luck… and we need to plan for this spring/summer, since I now know it is not that bad to drive into Chicago!!!

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