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…so begins 2008…..

We spent New Years Eve with the same family again this year as last…they had a few more people over this year and it was again quaint, enjoyable and Griffin and I stayed the entire time…I got to finally ring in the New Year with all 3 of my boys. We arrived home at about 1AM and slept in a little on New Years Day. It was nice. In the afternoon we went to Oma and Opa’s home for our celebration with Spencer’s maternal birthfamily. Aunt Judy was in town from Baltimore for the first time in 3 months and Spencer was excited to see her, he really misses her. We had snacks and good conversation and just enjoyed the day and each others company. Spencer’s birth mom was there most of the time. That was a good thing and a change from last visit…even her husband was there and I can’t tell you the last time he was around when we were. Unfortunately, there was a pretty good snow storm over the New Year but the roads were passable and we arrived there and back safely it just took a lot longer then the usual hour.

I always worried that when we had a second child that it would be hard for Spencer’s birth family to accept that child like they’re own. When we first met them I told them that Spencer would not be our only child and that I had hoped that they would be able accept our subsequent children as they accept Spencer. They said that they would and I must say that Griffin was and is welcomed with open arms…he is given grandson cards and the same amount of cash for his college fund as Spencer…they really are making him they’re ‘own’…and I LOVE IT!! Even though Griffin will most likely never know his Russian Grandparents he has his Oma and Opa that makes me feel really good and I hope him too.

The boys opened their gifts and we had some dessert and it was time for a few more pictures and then go home. They boys do not like to leave especially Spencer because it means leaving Aunt Judy. He has some great kind of attachment to her…not sure if it is because of all the talking she did to him when he was in-utero or they just have a cosmic connection whatever it is…it is strong. He does not have that with his birthmom at all…

So goes the beginning of 2008. I hope and pray that it is far, far, far better then 2007…and to start it off I get me a brand new haircut…all trendy and such…might try to get a picture of it up…still having picture problems with wordpress…will have to get to that once SLP is back in school


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  1. Can’t wait to see the haircut!

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