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a post for posts sake….

I am not very ‘bloggish’ today though having a few spare moments while the house is quiet I felt as though I should write something…

We spent the day yesterday looking at rock climbing gear…Spencer and Richard are really getting into it and Richard is trying to climb every day. The trials of this particular day brought tears in the end for Spencer…he had a hard time keeping it together while we looked for rock climbing shoes for dad (an early birthday gift) and ended up loosing climbing for the day. We did not get to get dad his gift and it was just down hill from there.

Spencer has been told (for about 8 months now) that he gets to own his own gear when he can climb to the top of the starter wall…no small feat mind you, and he really has put forth a good effort…so much so that Richard says he sees gear in his very near future…maybe even at his next climb…which he is on right now…maybe those shoes will come home today with dad and the rest of Spencer’s gear. I hope that he continues to like climbing…he is really working hard at it..we looked at some awesome pictures of ice climbers yesterday and he said he would love to do that when he gets older…the pictures made even me want to climb…well, maybe not.

Griffin is on his way to giving up naps…I can just feel it in my bones…naps are getting shorter and he is protesting more when it is time. He still has an affection for the ‘littles’ as he calls them , on his blue blanket so I can usually get him up to visit with them and then encourage a nap…the littles are the fringe on his fleece blanket that he has wrapped and pulled on enough that they are longer and slimmer then the rest…he like to hold them and twist and twirl the. Ahhh what will I do when he no longer will nap…I dreaded this day with Spencer but he at least would watch a movie or lay down and look at a book for an hour…Griffin does not watch TV..no interest and he looks at books all the time so that wont be a good distraction…but this mommy needs her alone time something will have to work…but as I write he naps…ahhhh…

Tomorrow school begins and I am looking forward to it.  I have had fun with the boys but it is time for routine to come back to this place.  Having them home is good but having them go back to school is better…I will be ready for them again at Spring break…I have more planned for then too…

SO that is it…I got nuttin really…happy last day of Christmas Break


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  1. back to school for us tomorrow too. i’m not ready. neither are TheTallOnes. sigh.

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