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The post I did not write…..

well, at least in a timely manner nor post it in a timely manner….

Christmas Eve is always a wonderful time of year for most of us…we have been doubly blessed on that day if that is even possible…it is the day we finally became a family of four…three boys and a girl…the day we arrived home for the first time with Griffin. As we walked off the plane in Chicago I was feeling so many things…I was wishing someone could have been there to greet us though with the standards at the airports now it is next tot impossible. I was wishing that instead of piling into a limousine my dad was there to pick us up…to meet his grandson…I was wishing that time would stand still..so that I could look into the face of this child, the one I am so blessed to be mom to. Mostly I wished that I could ‘beam’ home and be with Spencer and Richard and Griffin instantly…but I am an immediate gratification kinda person.

The first picture we have of Griffin in Chicago is on the plane the minute the plane touched down. The fight attendant took it for us. I love it…I will find it an post it…Coming home was the best ever…I would have liked to have done it the previous day and let Griffin have his very own day but I think he will be happy to share it with Christmas Eve. Two years ago….it seems like yesterday some days…most days it feels like he has been here forever…

I have a few sad moments…remembering all the children left in Russia, sad that I do not have certain things for Griffin that I do for Spencer…the hat he wore at the hospital…Spencer said mine is blue what color is Griffins and Griffin said yeah what color is mine…sad that Griffin does not have the contact with his first family that Spencer does though I am forever grateful that Spencer’s first family embraces Griffin as their own. Enough about the things that he and we are missing…we have him he has us life is grand…

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  1. Griffin’s story is as special as Spence’s, just different, as all kids’ are.

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