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I have noticed of late that a lot of the people that I read daily have been slowing down in their blog entries…now I am sure that I have been that same person for them in the past as I am a self confessed bad blogger, at times…now don’t get me wrong when you all do not blog I can get through my morning ritual faster and on to the day with the G man but after a day or two I get to missing you all..especially when it seems that you all go on sabbatical at the same dern time…I feel like I have lost contact with my friends…it pushes me to read blogs that I don’t really read or go looking for new ones…that only becomes a problem when you all come back and I have added to my addiction while you were gone…then I force myself to make decisions who I should put on my blogroll so that I can keep in touch…I hate that part…I want all of them on there but I know me…I will read them all every day and my day will go to hell in a hen basket because I will be reading all morning feed the boy and then read all afternoon…

OK so while this seems like a vent, and it kinda is, I just want all of you who have not blogged lately that I miss you and your goings on…get back on the wagon and blog would ya…

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