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What a terribly sweet boy….

Today was a lazier day for Griff and I we hung out playing in the morning and then at about 11 we left for Kohl’s to get he and his brother some new socks…He is a very good shopper loves to walk and hold hands and talk about what he sees…it always comes down to…”mom do we have enough money to look at toys?”  I tried to explain to him that looking at the toys is free but bringing them home with us costs money..though he asks the same question over and over he NEVER puts up a fit when we leave with nothing in tow to take home….he love to push the buttons and look at the eyes of the toys..he does this at home too bu for some reason the toys on the shelves are better for this. SO we are in Kohl’s and mommy decides out of the blue to try on a shirt…unheard of if you really know me…I do not shop for myself and  if I do on rare occasion it is never with children in tow if I do.  SO we are walking to the dressing room and he says mom do we have money to look at toys…I hear a little snicker from the changing room next to us and then go into my spiel…another snicker…in the mean time it wounds like a mother daughter in the stalls next to us…so Griff sits on the chair and starts looking at himself and then all of a sudden turns and looks at me in the shirt I am thinking about buying and says…”mom you look so beautiful” talk about a melt your hear moment…you know that shirt came home with me…but in the two stalls next to us all you hear is awww and Oh my word and how cute and what a wonderful child and on and on…so Griff and I leave we go and get his socks and socks for his brother and off to the toys we head.  Well, these two ladies have made their way to the toy area and have brought friends with…they wanted to meet the little boy that was oh so sweet to his mom. I was quite proud of him abd the ladies kept saying that he so deserved a toy and could they get him one and he looks at them and says…we don’t need anymore toys at home right now we just had a visit from Santa….well…they were just amazed…it was nice to have my day made by my son only to have it impact 6 other people too..


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  1. Apparently I DO have a wordpress account. Found that out when I tried to set one up (to comment) and was told my email address was already registered. Anyhow, took a little work-around to remember both my user name AND my password. All this, just to tell you…

    …awww. He really is sweet! 🙂

  2. Don’t the sweet moments make up for all the frustrating ones?

  3. reproctor…that you Brett??

  4. sooo sweet – plz give that little man a kiss on the neck from me ;o)

  5. it’s me…rachael (of alwayswanted4)…apparently somebody has already claimed my regular user name over here at wordpress, and apparently i’d set this account (with the forgotten user name/password) up long ago and forgot. i didn’t think about the fact that my comment wouldn’t link to my blog.

    mystery solved. will you recognize me in the future?

  6. Rachael…I will an thanks for signing on…Votemom you got it….not like I need a reason to snuggle in that boy though hehehe

  7. Nope, wasn’t be. But I’ll chime in anyway with: awwwwww…such a great kid.


  8. That would be “wasn’t me” (not wasn’t be). My spelling isn’t any better while blog stalking than it is on the forums.

  9. Yeah Brett…Dr. Brett that is…glad you came out of the closet

  10. What a sweetie-pie!!!

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