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Does one blog about their own…

Birthday???…Well, I am going to I guess..it is not like Richard is jumping in here and doing it for me…

45…45 years…45…I know some of you are my age…45…you can’t lie

I also know that some of you are almost 35…to you I say bluck… but still love ya

OK so I should probably do a 45 best things in my life or 45 things I have done or 45 things I still want to do…I am too old..I can’t come up with45 anythings…

I do know that I am one eternally grateful woman for the life that I have…3 wonderful males….two more if you count my brothers…great friends/family…a beautiful home…a happy healthy marriage…somewhat good health…a stronger belief in God that grows each passing day…and a decent haircut for now…there is nothing that I am yearning for…no I take that back…I yearn to have my children’s scrapbooks caught up.

Happy Birthday to me…I am off to dinner with my boys ..


5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Sis-in-law!!! I hope your day was great and that you had a wonderful dinner out.

    Good luck with the rest of the weekend.

  2. i’m 45…. for about one more month.

    i think you should post a picture of you when you were little… and one now. didn’t you owe us a post-mole-removal picture???

    hope your night was very fun.

  3. vote you are right I did owe you one…I forgot…thanks for the wishes Deb and S…

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great time out with your fellows.


  5. Happy b-day. We’re the same age!

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