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de-lurk and give my mind a break…give me peace of mind…I write because it keeps my days in line I write to keep my thoughts so that someday I can have a record of the things that we did and do…but really



for Pete’s sake already..I have revisited hits from  all over the US…some of  you I know, Sybille, Karen, Jenn, Brett, Barbie, Jen, Elle, Debbie, Debbie’s friend in Bloomington, Amy, Kellie in CA but…Aurora IL, Madison WI, Reston VA, Portland OR, Everette WA, Tulsa OK, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS IL…it goes on and really if you live in Arlington Heights and can’t at least leave a comment…I mean for shit sake we are in each others back yards…

I am becoming a little nervous about all the readers and no comments..I do not want to password the whole thing but I may have too…I rarely visit a blog without leaving a comment…and I never visit more the twice without leaving something…




10 Responses

  1. hey friend. i don’t blame you a bit. i block people i don’t know all the time who lurk but don’t comment.

    i am so incredibly impressed with what you did with your family members. i don’t know how to express it, except to say that the world needs more people like you.

    i’m pooped. it’s been a monday. except it’s not a monday. i’ll say it again. i’m pooped. the end.

  2. Hi Debi! I’m here almost every day… shh… don’t tell the husband as he thinks I sit on the couch eatting bon-bons all day long… mmm… now that I mention it bon-bons sound yummy… do you think somebody will deliver them… it’s cold outside… still…. what’s up with that… oh it’s a good thing I don’t keep my blog running like you do… I ramble on too much… gotta go find some ice cream… catch you later.

  3. Fine, i’ll delurk…but only so you know it’s debbie’s friend in Blm. LOL. I hate that you have to have an account to post….

  4. You’d already outed me. I generally prefer to lurk, but I’ll try to leave a comment now and then.

  5. rbsmama is Jen right??

    thanks you guys for outing yourselves

  6. Yep, it’s me. RoBbieSMAMA… get it?!?… pretty cute huh?

    I got it just so I could comment on your blog. I set up a blog too since it was free… but it’s pretty empty since I don’t have time to even put anything new on my own websites.

    Keep posting away! I enjoy your updates!

  7. I have been sneaking around, you busted me so mark off the one from GA. I rarely leave comments anywhere and not b/c I don’t want to but the damn kids interrupt me so often I forget what I wanted to say and just erase it an hour later.

    I LOVE your comment about some of the folks being in your back yard and to comment for shit’s sake. I read it before I ran to OT/Speech and it had me giggling on and off the entire 3 hours. I never hear anyone else say that, my sister asked me the other day who shit was and why she should care about their sake.

  8. *delurking*
    -Not sure how I found you…

    amom to two, one via domestic infant adoption. I love reading stories of families and their children. I guess shyness prevented me from commenting. I didn’t mean to freak you out, though i am not from Arlington Heights (much closer to the Gulf)

    I hope it is ok if I enjoy the journey of your boys with you.


  9. Mary of course and welcome…

  10. Hi! Sorry I haven’t been better about comments; I enjoy checking in on you. I really hope that you’re feeling better about getting a mammogram; I haven’t done it yet because I’m not old enough, but I will as soon as my oby/gyn recommends it (this year, actually, I think…)

    I read about your snow days and it made me really miss Connecticut winters as a child… We NEVER have snowdays in Moscow since public transportation is mainly underground or schools are within walking distance. Those who have to drive far just stay home if need be. How I miss snowdays spent playing outside in our yard (OHHHH, A YARRRD!!!!!), drinking cocoa, curling up with a good book, maybe even some tv… Enjoy, and I hope you don’t have to stay in school *too* long in June.

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