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Where are you….


yes, he was….lost for a moment yesterday…more about that in a moment…my friend Claud  recently wrote about her lost and losses on her blog.  When I got home yesterday I had to re-read the post..she knows how it feels…she felt the despair a parent feels when a child disappears..

So we(G and I) were at the Mega Super- Walmart down in ‘the hood’…not a place I really like to visit but I do when it is on the way home as it was yesterday. I had a few things that I needed and then we would be off…we gathered most of our purchases and I was looking at crafts and he found a small sticker on the floor…I looked glancingly and that was it…he was gone…in the far reaches of my mind I could hear him saying mom I am going to throw it away…faintly…like it was a dream…trying to remain as calm as possible I began a frantic search… going back and forth between the aisles on either side widening by an aisle each time..soon I was looking at 5 on each side of the original…panic is setting in…how long would it take to get the store locked down, how quickly did who ever took him move…are they still in the store the parking lot, these and many more terrible thoughts are racing in my head….as I am about to run to the front of the store around the corner from the original aisle come G…strolling along…I look at him…take a deep breath and say…so which garbage did you go to…he states I don’t know mommy but I put the sticker in it…then we have a really long and quiet talk about leaving mommy and reminding him how he feels when he can’t find me and wonders if I am coming back..he gets a little sad because he knows he scared me but we are good and we finish our shopping and leave. On the way out he says to me verbatim what I say to him each and every day I drop him off at school..I will always come back and get you honey, mommies don’t leave their children.

Now mind you, G is a very very very good shopper..he always stays right next to me and never really whines or asks to buy things…it is nice to shop with him.  But he is very anal…if you take something from a peg and then replace it on the wrong peg he will stay there and fix it…if you don’t give him the time to fix it he gets angry….I think that is where the sticker came into play…

We are safe and sound…and for those of you who do go to ‘the hood’ Walmart there was panhandling going on yesterday from car to car…. that is a first for me outside of Chicago….that is more then enough to make me travel to the Antioch Walmart from now on…but really I am a Target girl.


4 Responses

  1. oh my gosh i so know that awful feeling. your life instantly stops and you are physically ill thinking about your child.

    plz hug G for me. really tight. he doesn’t need to know why ;o)

    i had to give up target. i cannot control my impulse shopping there. it’s just too much fun. i only go now if my kid has a gift card. and then, i make them go on the website and know ahead of time exactly what they are going to get.

  2. How frightening! LC won’t be getting out of the cart any time soon. And, the Antioch Walmart is well worth the trip.

  3. I can’t even imagine how frightened you must have been!! Luckily DD still sits in the cart, she fidgets, but she knows she has to stay in the cart. ( Besides, she is sooooo nosy, if she was not in the cart, she wouldn’t be able t see everything and everyone!!)

    As far as the panhandling??? Haven’t seen that at any of the 3 Wally Worlds near us. Target Gal here too…. also have self-restraint issues. Ours is a Super Target… so my excuse is usually groceries and I always end up in other areas of the store spending more than I would like to!! LOL!!!

  4. Wow, what a heart stopper! I’m glad that Griffin returned before you had to go screaming through the store. I can’t imagine your fright… but I’m sure my day is coming. Hmm… I think I’ll stay inside today!

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