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Random Bitching-ness

So I have a few things to unload this is the best place to do it….

1.) I love love love that Spencer is sooo into scouting… he really likes everything about it and is proud of himself A LOT..that is a great thing especially for a boy in his early stages of realizing what others think of him…cool…but it is the den leader…she is new this is her first den..Richard,  the lifetime scout he is, gets so frustrated.  But he tries to make it the best he can for Spencer…they do many of the things on their own.  It works…but it could work better…I kinda wish she would just let Richard and I lead the group and she would assist and then when her next son comes up she will have a better idea what to do…but for now she is overloaded…she is in school full time, she is on no less then 5 committees her elderly mom with health issues just moved in with her. She has a part time job and she has assistants that are friends not really assistants. Things get let go…for Pete sake the boys do not know the Pledge  and a few know the scout promise…. (Spencer does know both thanks to his dad).  So if there is a scout guider listening please help Spencer’s leader would ya…

2.) I have not spoken to my SIL or even dialed their number in 2 months. I have spoken randomly and worthlessly to my brother a few times but that is it. I see her every T and Th at preschool but she usually gives me the nod and talks to Griffin…so I talk to her son and that is that…but really, how hard is it to just apologize, realize you made a mistake and own up to it…for goodness sake…Spencer wants to play with your DD…I guess he will have to call and ask himself for her to come over for a play date …like he would with a random friend from school…sad…

3.) SIL I am doing my  best to help you through a tough time…you asked for help…maybe you did not really want it…but you did ask…if you no longer want it please give me a heads up.

….. and not so much a bitch as a really good feeling…

I am supporting my BIL through a really tough time…you know the whole marriage thing…I am so proud of him…he is doing 90 meetings in 90 days and doing great …he is becoming a much more involved dad and is enjoying his family. His DW is making some strides but could make more…baby steps….  he can give me the things I ask for each day and is proud of himself…that is a giant step for anyone trying to make changes in themselves. I talk to him everyday and each day he sounds better and better.

OK bitch session over…I feel so much calmer..

4 Responses

  1. Have any of the other parents expressed a concern over the scout leader being spread a little thin? If they have, is there someone above the scout leader you can express your wishes to? Just an idea.

    Sorry SIL is giving you such a hard time. Families are never easy. I saw this cute sticker…”Friends are God’s way of apologizing for family.” Sometimes this is so very true!!!

    Good luck!! Thinking about you!

  2. i take it the SIL in #2 and the SIL in #3 are different SIL’s?

    i have a SIL who doesn’t speak to me. i have completely given up. if God does a miracle then i will rejoice and give Him all the credit.

    i’m sorry.

  3. It really does suck to feel so powerless. I’m sorry things with your OTHER SIL’s aren’t going well. If you want to vent about me, I can quit reading.*insert paranoid smilie here*


  4. wow I have too many SIL don’t I and what possibly could I say about SIL 4



    neither of us has time to get to see each other anymore.. insert sad smile…wait that doesn’t work here either

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