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Snow days…revisited…

so today is the third day we have not had school this year SNOW DAY…if my memory serves me school won’t be out till mid June at this rate. Now, for some that is not that bad but for Spencer it means a number of hot days with no AC and for him that means a lot of sweat…he is like his momma in that sense…it is never pleasant. But boy does he love his snow days. Some moms dread them and I do to a degree but really he is allowed to do most anything. He has spent time in front of the television and on his DS, reading and now out in the snow…sometimes I can barely see him, not because he is so far away, but because the snow is falling large and lots…it HAS.NOT.STOPPED. it has been snowing since about 7:30 am. Griffin is not happy with me as I told him he has to wait till his dad comes home for him to get out and play…dad is at work…UGH…things need to be done so he is there… he is on his way home now and with any luck he should be here by dinner time!! So Griff waits…as does the drive and the sidewalk. I imagine that shoveling 12+ inches of snow is going to take some time and SUCK really SUCK. Our little snow blower is going to get a work out today. I bet it will have ‘blower envy’ of the bigger models down the street.

I remember snow days when I was a kid, of course we had more of them because the cities were not as equipped as they are now. Back ‘in the day’ we also got more snow on a regular basis…not this once in a while snow storm of the century stuff, I can still remember building huge snow forts and having fights with the neighbor hood boys…I can remember jumping off the garage into the huge piles of snow on either side of the garage. (Thankfully my mother doesn’t use or even own a computer.) But times are sooo different now…I have to keep Spencer in eye shot all the time…there are crazies everywhere…but thankfully we live on a quiet cul-de-sac and I see every car that enters and leaves…

So I hope that you are having the weather that you want today because I am sure enjoying mine…

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