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OK get this we get 18 inches of snow in under 24 hours…they cancel school…good call..the next day they don’t cancel school and the final bus gets to the school at 11:30 AM….3 hours late…numerous fender benders involving buses and staff in cars…children are all in school and arrive home safe at the correct time…that night we get our automated call that school is canceled for the next day (today) due to the road conditions…OK so some Nimrod did not order enough salt for the roads and they were hell on Thursday but over night they got much better but our district cancels school…so now the kids are home once again for a snow day pushing school that much father into summer and it was not even necessary…yes, the roads are tough, yes, the buses would have had to be careful but cancel…some one was thinking long weekend that is for sure…

Then we get the daily email that says that yes, indeed the Funfair  scheduled for Saturday is still on and if you had signed up to bake you can still bring your items to school today till 3:30 or tomorrow morning…so it is OK to ask parents to go out and deliver baked goods but not to ask the bus drivers and staff to drive to school…PRIORITIES….

So when you all are on Summer break my kid will have a week of school left still..now that sucks… for him and me


2 Responses

  1. We are all out of snow days too. So, any more snow days for us, and we’ll be adding on just like you.

    I feel guilty saying this, but I actually LIKE snow days because I can avoid the backpack, mitten, snowboot, lunches, homework frantic morning routine…let them sleep in while I instead have coffee and then I go to work and leave them home with my husband (who works at home). I’m not so sure he feels the same way about snow days that I do! 🙂

    I can’t believe you guys have so much snow. We’re just around the Lake from you and we’ve only a couple of inches right now.

  2. I don’t think we are quite out of snow days, but we have had the same types of issues regarding the roads. Most of the schools around here were closed one day last week, but in one of the towns, they stayed open and the parents were ticked off. The roads really weren’t safe and many of the parents ended up driving their kids in on their own. Their anger made our local news.
    Sorry your kids are going to be in school a little later. That always stinks, especially if parents plan vacations!!


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