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Soliciting Mammogram advice…

See Sybille I meant it….

OK here I am to come out of the closet…I am 45 and have not had a mammogram…I will pause for you to pick up your jaw…..

Ok..so where was I… Oh yeah mammograms…I don;t think that I am as afraid of the actual procedure as I am the outcome…C.A.N.C.E.R.  it is a horrible word…I  admit a slight issue with the compression on my ladies seeing as they are so…well…BIG…but I think my real irrational fear is the results. I am working in getting past that and have taken to looking up the number of the Lake Forest Breast Care Center!! I have the number but have not dialed it.  OH! and BTW, if any one, and you know who I mean, tells my mother YOU DIE.

SO here is an opportunity to first, slam me for being so damn ignorant and second, encourage me and third, give me pointers so that I actually dial the number, because right now it is just that …a number…let me hear your experiences gleen knowledge from you… ”Let me clarify that I do not want to be a statistic and right now I am…I am gaining strength….

You know my neighbor is a 5 year survivor of the beast and had one regression but is clear and happy now…if she knew I had not gone she would never talk to me again…not really that bad because she and I don’t see eye to eye but I am still very proud of her success in beating the beast and her love of everything that is life.

You also may know that my grandmother, my moms mom, died many many many years ago from the beast…my mom was 5 or 6 years old…I DO NOT WANT that for my boys.


9 Responses

  1. Are you sure you want to hear what I have to say?

  2. Hit me with it…bawl me out…slam me for being a bad woman and mom…but dont for get to encourage me to get it done…

  3. You have THREE good reasons to get it done asap (and you know their names!)

  4. Many women are afraid of this, you are not alone. Have you heard about the gatherings some places are offering? You bring a friend, enjoy snacks and wine then you both get your boobs smashed. Call around maybe they offer that where you are. It sounded really fun and almost made me want one. LOL

  5. OK…5 stern lashes to your wrists for each year missed. Seriously…I had to go retrieve my (never can remember it) wordpress password just to log in and scold you.

    Not knowing about breast cancer doesn’t make it go away!!! And, early detection IS KEY to survival!!!

    Now GO. And when you’re done, email me…I’ll send you a wristlet with Russian fabric lining. Just because.

  6. With your family medical history of cancer, which includes your Dad, your own medical history and issues to date, you NEED to have this done. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your boys. You fought to hard to have them to leave them too early because of denial.

    I’m due for my first one this year. We can schedule them and go together if you need someone to hold your hand through this, if you want.

    And, if you don’t do it soon….I WILL tell your Mom. So there.


  7. just don’t go right before or during a menstrual cycle.

    it’s not awful. it’s not.

    let us know when your appointment is and we’ll pray for you to be brave!

  8. thank you all for your words of errrr…errr. encouragement and threats…I am getting there maybe next week…and Rach….a wristlet really with Russian material I am honored…

  9. When you have had a mamogram, you will no longer be dreading cancer – you will be actually dreading the mamogram. It is MISERABLE. I try to go during Lent (a Friday would be best) and I join my sufferings to those of St. Elizabeth Clitherow, who was martyred by being “pressed to death”. (I never want to look too closely at what that means, but it must clearly be worse, though on the same scale, as a mamogram). Once you have one, particularly if you have cancer-fear, you will come out A-OK and feel SO good and lighthearted as a result, that you will find it is all WORTHWHILE.

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