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Doctor stuff …again sorry

I am on the first day of a three day single mom stint…it is much easier now that my boys are older to have this yearly job. Richard is in Springfield Illinois for the yearly Surveyors conference’s. I know hold on to your hats excitement. So anyhoo, we were on our way home from SIL and BIL house on Monday and Griffin asks from the back seat for me to turn up the movie he can not hear it??? I swear it is loud enough for the next car to hear. SO I do..he is fine…I pick up my cell and call the ENT (which I had been meaning to do anyway) and get an appointment for today. We go in and really all I think that is going on is that his tube is out or obstructing or something…nope…it is out alright and in the ear canal and there is fluid built up behind his ear drum…sigh…so he says here is a script for the antibiotics and I will see you back in three weeks…if that tube has not fallen out I may be able to snag it then…the tube in the left ear is in and looks great…so for now we hope that this is the final ear infection otherwise another set of tubes is going in this spring…but I have to admit that I loved him not needing any medicine this winter till now..the tubes did wonders for him.

Moving on…I have a great Doctor. He is the kind of guy that you can tell what you are thinking and maybe what you might want to have done or checked and he will do it. I have been doing a lot of research on Cushings Disease and am going to see an Endocrinologist and try to get some testing. I am hopeful that something will come from this and that I can finally start feeling a little better again…hey maybe I can loose some weight too though I am not counting on it…

Finally there is Spencer…I am in the midst of trying to get him evaluated for Auditory Processing Disorder…it is something that an Audiologist can test for and it can be ruled out, where as something like ADD can not..so I have the school working on their end of it and plan on getting him to see and Audiologist. There is a great one in Oak Forest I just need to see if she is in network…I may just contact her on my own and let insurance pick up the tab.

Yes, the mammogram is top of the list now that Griffin is taken care of…


4 Responses

  1. Oh, poor Griffin and his ears. I was so nervous that first year after H’s came out. Here’s hoping that the infections stay away and that the tube comes out with little trauma.

  2. debi – i’m sorry. what has been going on with you? what symptoms do you have?

  3. Hey! Lucky you ended up not being a single mom for three days!

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