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Sunday, sickness,Oscars and whatever else stumbles in…

…to my brain…

Bad Christian did not go to church today, did not even take the boys to Sunday School…bad Christian… daddy usually gets the boys up and showered and fed and then I dress them and they leave for Sunday School…I then meet them at Church at 10:30 and we all go together.  Afterwards they usually go to the pool and come home around 2PM giving me some good down time every Sunday……(this is where the sickness comes in…)

However, Richard, who mind you never gets sick, was and still is a tad ill. Tummy troubles..the sitting on the toilet kind. (Sorry Honey) so yesterday he spent the day in the bed and on the couch and on the floor and in the bathroom…trying to get better…he ate: an apple and a 1/4 cup of Mac and cheese and called it a day. Oh and a little warm tea. This morning he seems to be doing better and even made breakfast (oatmeal) cause he was starving…a good sign…but then he ate too much and felt bad ..not a good thing. But then his tummy calmed down after a few episodes of Man vs. wild and Survivor Man and he is doing better…not 100% but he will be by tomorrow…it always is that way, horrid on the weekend but hey, OK to go to work on Monday!! Really I can’t complain he is usually NEVER sick.  In his 45 years on this planet he has thrown up 3 times and 2 were in the last 21 years. Other then that he is good to go. Not me I could throw up 3 times one night…..

Leading up to what will we do with the remainder of the day…Oscars…well,, here and there we are not big fans like some I know (ANDY) who have celebrations every year…but man I wish I could go to one sometime it sound like a lot of fun.

Looking forward to next week, as I have all my laundry done and kitchen is mostly clean all I have to do it the rest of the house and it is not that bad…one day at a time.  That doesn’t happen very often….


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  1. Fingers crossed that no one else gets sick.

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