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WHY…why not…why…why not…WHY

The world of Why…and a three year old who has the word living in his mouth…Mouth opens word comes out…WHY…but mom why…and then when mom gives an answer and there is not answer for him and his WHY word…he’s says WHY is there no WHY??  A conversation might go like this:

Gman: mom what is the name of that song?

mom: I think it is called Hot Chocolate.

Gman: why is it called Hot Chocolate?

mom: because the singer really likes hot Chocolate.

Gman: Why does he like hot Chocolate?

Mom: why Do you like Hot chocolate? (ha ha turned the tables).

Gman : mom I don’t know. Why do I like it?

mom: I don’t know there is no answer to Why.

Gman: WHY?

OMG…and that exact scene plays out every minute of every day. E.V.E.R.Y. MINUTE.

DO you know what the facination is with the word why??

WHY does this particular age group love the word so much??  ANd I better get some answers or my blog will turn into the WHY story blog…



4 Responses

  1. We haven’t hit that stage, yet. I’m not looking forward to it.

  2. I seems to be a boy thing too. Too funny. Been there.

    I went through a phase for awhile where I was taking Jack (who was 5 at the time) to work with me during the afternoon. He would hang out in my office and wait for his next “victim” to pepper with the whys when I was otherwise busy.

  3. I have begun just saying because and now we have the WHy Because Why because why because game going.

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