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D-Day, Double D-day, 3D-Day part duex

take your pick…they shot 6 shots each of these two Double D’s. I don’t think I will get the films but there is a good chance I will since I went of my own accord with no Doctors orders…

now for the low down..what a joke…I was terrified of the pressure…the squish so to speak…nothing…my boys do more damage to them everyday of my life then the mammogram did.  I cried like a baby once ….not today…gotcha…when Spencer stepped right on me right there a few weeks ago…totally accidental but still painful as hell.

So now I will wait the week or so for the read…there is a good chance that I will be going back in 6 months because they have nothing to compare the films to, I am okay with that.  I think I can survive now that I know what happens…Hell if I do have cushings and a tumor on my brain I will be undergoing brain surgery… that is a hell of a lot scarier then a smooshed boob. So keep posted…I will update with results when they come in…and thanks again for all your encouragement. It means a lot to have people to count on.


6 Responses

  1. Good for you! I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Now, just hold out for the good report!

    Email me your snail mail address and I’ll send you a little something as promised (although it’ll probably be a week or two before I get to it…I’ve got a host of half started projects I’ve got to finish up!)


  2. I knew you could do it.:)

  3. Ok I am finally signed all in!! Too funny…I read your “double D” post and then “I have issues”….guess where my brain is..when I read “bloglines” I read in my head “bloglinis” or something like that and thought you were referring using a fancy nickname for your TATAs..HEHE!! Ok, I gotta come around more..

  4. good girl!

  5. Glad to hear that the test went well. I like when things don’t hurt as much as you are expecting!

  6. Glad to hear it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. It definitely took away some fear for me. I still have 2 years before I can go and have it done, but if they would let me, I would go now. Little One has done some damage to the “girls” too, so at least if I can stand that, the mammogram should be a breeze!!

    YEAH DEB!!!!!!

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