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Man have I got issues….

or what…someday I will type out the saga that is my comcast drama…suffice to say I am still battling them…and now I am having issues with my bloglines…it won’t send me a dern confirmation letter so that I don’t have to check each and every blog daily only the ones with new posts…drives me insane…and then we sent AT+T there first two months bills which we received bills for and promptly paid and then earlier this week they sent us a check for a ‘refund’ the same amount we had sent and upon calling them they did not have us as customers…WTF?? then yesterday we get another bill that says we are behind in our payments and the phone will be shut off if we don’t pay…the exact amount of the refund check plus some extra late fees…so we call and indeed we are customers…ya think…and somehow our account number was changed by one number and so therefore we sent payment in for the wrong account for “P”… so I am to understand that the people with the account right next to ours, one number different, has the last name “P” ? Really do you know anyone with my last name other then my family members….

Some days it is just better to stay in bed…but alas, boob day today…say a prayer for me at about 2PM central….that is when I will be going in…whoops forgot to not wear deodorant…crap…must go wash it all off now!!! More later…I know you are chomping at the bit…

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