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Big Day Friday…

Tomorrow we have Spence’s Teacher over for dinner….he actually invited her some months ago to come and watch him at his hockey game and then go out for dinner…I do not think that Richard and Griff and I were in those plans…he is a smooth operator. So finally he asked me if he could have her here…I knew that she had done this with past students because she told me at his conference that he is inviting her to different things all the time and that last year she went to dinner at a students home. She did say that he was the first one to invite her to go away with her for the weekend to a water park…it was too funny…she did not realize it was a water park until he told her she would have to bring her swimming suit if she wanted to go on the water slides with him.  Smooth..I give him credit.

So Tomorrow she will go to his game and then come to our home for dinner…Homemade Chicken Soup at Spencer’s request….did not think to ask her if she was Catholic, though I have a hunch she is not.  He has prepared his room for her to see where he reads every night and where he reads to his brother every night 2 books of Griff’s choice. He has the house getting in order telling me what things I should be cleaning and such.  He is killing me….but tomorrow I will do the rest of the cleaning and preparing for our special guest. This is a big night for Spencer.

BTW, I tried to get him to understand why it is so important to clip your nails regularly, you know health and disease…recently I told him that no girl would want to hold his hand if his nails were long and dirty..he looked me square in the eye and said…”but mom, Margaret and I hold hands on the bus everyday. She never said anything. She just says how gross it is that Matthew picks his nose and eats it.”  I kid you not…my 6.5 year old is holding hands on the bus….for goodness sake. He is one to keep an eye on.


5 Responses

  1. Big day tomorrow. I hope that Spencer has fun on his date with his teacher! It’s so important to impress… even at that age.

    So, when is Margaret going on her date with Spencer?

  2. Yes, it sounds like you have a charmer on your hands for sure! Playing the field, it sounds like!

  3. What is it with little boys and their fingernails? Blech!

  4. So I will tell him that I am not the only mom…he usually doesn’t really care about having them cut…but sometimes…UGH!!

  5. oh my gosh that is hysterical (the hand-holding)!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope you have a really nice evening…

    and i’m really glad that spencer doesn’t pick his nose and eat it ;o)

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