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Sunday meal…

SO while I do the menu plan Monday I still have occasion to plan over and beyond that.  This week Spencer’s birth family is coming over…tradition has it that since our visits always start at 1PM on Sundays that the hosting home makes lunch. Now, I love to cook…I like to cook fancy too sometimes…but cooking for a large family is not my foray..I will have three more males adults and two more female adults on top of what I have already.  Yes, it is lunch…get some lunch meat and be done with it…not my style. So here I sit trying to come up with something to serve everyone that will;  A. be satisfying. B. not break the bank. &  C. not take a lot of my time because I want to be visiting with everyone too.

So if you have ANY suggestions please let me know…I just may be inclined to order cheap pizza and make a salad.

The other side to the coin is that over the last few years these visits have become very relaxed…usually Spence drags everyone up to his room and they play and talk and it is all good…sometimes the get togethers are strained and I am not sure why that is… Richard and I have never been fighting when they have come over….hell, he and I fight like once a year…so I am just praying that these are one of those free and easy visits and everyone just has a nice time. I have some pictures for showing and should make an effort to get better about getting more for them…note to self…get copies or pictures or make a nice book for his ten year placement date.

The best thing about this visit, for me, is that I am ‘conning’ Oma into teaching me how to knit !!!…yep…you heard me…knit…you all will be getting something from me in the future…I don’t have enough  things to do I NEED to learn to knit.  So be looking for something in the mail…well maybe we should wait on that for awhile…who knows if I will even be able to do it.


8 Responses

  1. Like you won’t be able to do it. When you’re an expert on it in a couple of weeks, I’ll have a list of things I want, namely a hat for LC that looks like an apple.

  2. How about chili and corn bread?

  3. njmom – that was exactly what i was going to say! great minds!

    you could do two crock pots of soup – one chili, and another in case people don’t like chili. if you don’t want to bake, you could stop at panera or another local bakery and get 2 or 3 kinds of bread. or you could bake some pumpkin bread or another quick bread. add a bowl of baby carrots and a bowl of grapes and you are good to go. serve it all buffet style and you don’t have to do anything.

  4. I can always rely on you all for help…and an apple hat is on it’s way!!

  5. Or lasagna…make 2 pans of it the night before…put it in the fridge, stick it in the oven just about 2 hours before you want to eat. get garlic bread, salad….super easy & cheap. tell your SIL if you need a recipe…but whatever you do…DO NOT COOK THE NOODLES ahead of time…and don’t buy the ones that say you don’t have to cook them first…just buy plain old walmart brand lasagna noodles, assemble lasagna & cook on 350 covered for about 1:15. then uncovered for 15-30 mins. OH and try using cottage cheese instead of ricotta! ~d

  6. is that della??…wow de-lurking?

  7. so what did you make?

  8. did you read todays post…???

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