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Weekend without a hitch

that is right it went off with out one hitch….Friday Spencer’s teacher Ms. Cohen, came to his hockey game and then over to our home for dinner…Spencer was beside himself with excitement…

Spencer and Ms. Cohen

I am confident that he blushed no less then 5 times…after a tour of his room and play area we ate dinner and all to soon, for Spencer, it was time for her to leave.  We had a great visit.
Sunday was family day…Oma Opa and D were here at about 1:30 and we had a short visit and veggies and dip and then…yep, chicken noodle soup again. Spencer was happy as a clam. We had some good crusty bread and then afterwards we had Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond Pound Cake with Strawberries… yum… the visit was quite enjoyable and longer then most…but..but …but…I learned to crochet…no knitting…Oma crochets…that is fine too…I have learned the single and double and now will work on my tension so that my things do not look like triangles…I will post pictures when I get a few lines done…ha I did learn a new trick…Opa spent some time in the snow with Spencer climbing the huge snow hill in the front yard and pushing him down the hill..in his Church clothes…it was kind a funny..we all had a good laugh.
D was here and let on to Richard and I that she is pursuing getting pregnant apparently she has been to a Fertility clinic because she has been trying over a year to no avail. She has asked us to please please please not say anything to her mom and dad or sister…Richard and I think that this is going to be a bad idea but really it is none of our business.  We see them as part of our extended family just like aunts and uncles but this is a hard call…but who am I to make these determinations..and without going into D’s personal life take my word for it she will not be ready to parent. Her disabilities will always hold her back. Maybe maybe if her DH parents were younger they could help…Oma and Opa  have no more resources left…D’s brother is very disabled and will need care after his parents are gone. It is a tough call and if circumstances were different maybe they could parent but…circumstances are what they are…anyway, back to my dilemma..do I give heads up to Oma and Opa? Is it my place?  How do I feel about her not being able to have another child…how do I feel if she does conceive?  D’s disabilities are not genetic..the children she bears are not pre destined to disabilities from her. I do not know about her DH who also has some disabilities…I would imagine that his are genetic but I am not sure…it is not everyday normal conversation.
OK..so you do not have the whole story so do not feel like you can come here and blast me for my views…remember my blog my thoughts my right…and I do have the whole story and you will have to take my word for it when I say that parenting with out lifelong daily support is not possible for them.

5 Responses

  1. Not going to blast you. The question you have to ask yourself, though, is, will telling her parents accomplish anything? Will she listen to them when they voice their strong disagreement or are her heels really dug in on the issue? Do her parents have any sort of influence over her anymore? Will she listen to anyone about what a bad idea this is? Also, telling her parents may be a good heads up for them so they aren’t blindsided if she does wind up pregnant. It’s a tough call. Are you risking a relationship with D if you tell or her parents if you don’t?

  2. 1. who is D?
    2. spencer looks over the moon in that picture!
    3. spencer’s teacher looks very, very young!

  3. I am sorry Vote…that is Spencer’s birth mom…

    and yes, he is over the moon happy and she in UNDER 30 UGH

  4. I used to be that young teacher invited over… During the four years I taught before staying home with my girls… Speaking from the other side, I’m sure the day was just as special for her as it was for him. Yes, you hear about these crazy young teachers who seduce their students–but most of us young teachers are doing it because we care so much about making a difference in these kids’ lives. Those relationships are so special; I bet most of my students have forgotten their French and Spanish–but I hope that my confidence in them and passion for learning in general made a much deeper impression.

    I giggled, though, about your son’s blushing… Yeah, I had that, too… Oh, well–it’s part of growing up! And he *is* a smooth operator. I mean, a weekend at a water park???!!

    As for D’s plans, have you tried to talk with her directly? That might make sense before approaching her parents. She’s your sister-in-law, right? Could your husband do it? She might take it better from than from you.

  5. D is Spencer’s first mom, birth mom natural mom what ever you like to call them…

    Ya know MM I never worried about the seduction thing…from her…it was my son who I worry about it coming from!!!

    Thanks for your thoughts…I love when people de-lurk

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