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another thought I had for the year….

being frugal…..I am really getting better at this and with today’s economy I need toimprove more…Jeez, I went past the gas station and it was $3.43 a gallon…soon it will be cheaper to smoke cigarettes then buy gas…so if we round that to an even $3.44 with tax a gallon then the typical fill up of 20 gallons is $68 bucks and change…that is a big dent in my weekly budget.

I am also making a commitment to myself to helping a friend who is down and out right now providing a small amount of money to them out monthly….not a lot but maybe 40 bucks, because I know that every little bit helps…

I also have to start using the  coupons that my mother cuts out for me and sends me so religiously…there are a ton that I don’t use but there are a few that I should and could use…so I must get on that….I also need to use and then pass on the 30% off at Kohl’s that my DH seems to always get. I should wait for it to come and then get the things that we need…like tomorrow coupon in hand to Kohl’s to get that Spencer more jeans size 8 and Easter clothes for both those rugrats. Then I have two neighbors that I will pass it on to and they will use it… if you all ever want it when I am finished just email me and it is yours…it is usually good for a week.

I also have been given two places to go for internet coupon codes…
and Dealhunting.  I should use the internet more and get things ahead of time when I can use these great places and their codes. If you have any you wish to share…please do…

I am still menu planning though I may not always participate in Menu Plan Monday at http://www.Orgjunkie.com and I shop according to the plan…it works for me and it is a good thing not to over buy.

So how do you plan to be more frugal with soaring gas, grocery, gift and whatever else you, buy prices….


3 Responses

  1. about.com has a frugal living board that I like for tips on saving money.

  2. I clip and use coupons (although I too could be better at it) I love to use them at Kroger’s. They have double coupons. Makes me feel really good to get double up to a 1.00. I think Meijer’s also does the double coupon thing.

    Another thing I do, and with the gas prices the way they are I may have to rethink, is I check all of the grocery circulars and figure out what I need and where the best place to get it is. Sometimes Kmart and Target have better prices on toiletries than say Martin’s or Kroger. My Super Target also takes coupons, so if it is on sale and I have a coupon I feel really frugal!! LOL!!

    I am sure none of these tips are new to you, hope someone else responds with some great ideas!!

  3. i’ve been buying more store brands at the grocery store. with some things, i can really taste a difference and opt to go with my favorite name brand. but with many things, it tastes exactly the same.

    i’ve been saving $3 alone on a carton of orange juice, and $2 on a package of english muffins, just for 2 examples. my girls go thru lots of yogurt, and the kroger brand is thirty cents cheaper per carton so that really adds up.

    i canNOT do coupons when i shop with my two little “helpers”. it’s all i can do to get everything on my list (or even REMEMBER to pick up my list off of the kitchen counter)

    thankfully we don’t go many places during this, our year of attachment parenting. so not using a lot of gas these days.

    i feel so bad for my daughter who works 3 part-time jobs and is paying for college… it’s really a killer for her little budget. welcome to adulthood, eh?

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