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living with chronic pain…..

I am NOT one to complain about my chronic pain (ask IRL people I know)…psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Some of you, I bet, do not even know I have these two things…they do cause chronic pain for me but like I said I am not one to complain…though this morning I am feeling it good and hard….so much so that I sent the boys to Sunday School and Church with out me. Palm Sunday, the folding of the palms…OH well!  there is always next year…I need to be better for Easter Sunday and Spring Break, but more on that in a moment…getting back to pain…I am doing a lot and I mean a lot of research lately about Cushings and the  medications I take and psoriasis and well, just a lot…I have found out that I can use words like proopiomelanocortin (PMOC) and acromegalic and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE) with ease and know what I am talking about.  I am learning that the blood pressure medicine I take can cause flare in psoriasis even trigger its start…hummmmm…and that most Beta blockers do…even some ACE inhibitors…looking at calcium blockers lately….need to find a new blood pressure med for sure…have been searching a lot about the effects of pituitary adenoma and psoriasis and finding out lots of interesting things…so the search goes on…as does the pain but I am learning and I will conquer this pain once and for all…now for the fun stuff

You all know votemom…well maybe some of you don’t her blog is not public but really you should subscribe she posts the best pictures of the cutest little girls she adopted from Russia…well….I finally get to meet them; Mom, K and A and E and R (Vote’s two older kiddos kids..ha they are like 22 and 14)!!!!! They live near Detroit MI and South Bend Indiana is about half way for us so we are MEETING on Monday!! We will spend the afternoon and next day together playing and talking… I CAN.NOT.WAIT. I have wanted to meet ‘vote’ for a long time she and I are about the same age both raising toddlers!…she is such a tremendously strong, God fearing lady and I am so psyched to meet her….after I meet up with her I am meeting another adoptive mom who happens to also be a birth mom…IrishJenn…she lives in South Bend!!  We have been trying for about a year to get together…I guess it is going to take me going all the way down to her to finally get it to happen and that is OK with me……she and Delaney are going to be great to finally meet…Jenn and I have a lot in common when it come to working with our children’s’ birth mom’s, it will be nice to have conversations face to face.  I am really excited to meet up with them…I love hearing Jenn’s point of view as a birth mom too…it is always thought provoking for me…and I am kicking her butt in Scrabble on facebook…and no no no I will not play with her in person…I suck when I don’t have time to work through my plays and I can not let her on to my stratigies.. anyway it will be a great time to explore our friendship…DH has yet to decide if he is going to be able to come for this short trip…but I am going no matter what.  So now you all know why I HAVE to get the psoriasis in check this week….so next week can go off with out a hitch…

What you got on your plate for break??

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  1. You know, South Bend is not too far from where we live. But we are headed towards Detroit on Monday to meet with our social worker for Katya’s one-year ppr. (Yeah!).

    We have spring break this week and I’m looking forward to a few little day trips we have planned and just taking it easy. I took the week off work.

    Hope you have a great time meeting up with your blog pals. And, feel better too.


  2. I was in South Bend last May and hopefully will be heading back same time this year for a gathering of Special Needs Parents from A.com. Jenn had to cancel on me but I plan on hunting her down this time. I hope you all have a great time. It is always fun to meet folks IRL.

    I understand you issues with pain, it sucks. After this move, I can’t get up from the floor or walk faster than a snail. I know surgery is around the corner and will help get this under control. I hope you are able to adjust some meds and feel better.

  3. when are you meeting irish jen?

    i will pray that you feel good and you can pray that i will feel good (no migraines)!

    brian is checking his schedule to see if he can come. but i don’t know if he wants to come if your husband isn’t coming. i’ll call soon.

  4. Oh, my heart goes out to you. I don’t really write about it on my blog, either, but I also am very much affected by fibromyalgia and vulvar vestibulitis (probably linked to the fibromyalgia, which I likely inherited from my mom). Chronic pain has been a problem for eleven years now… I try to just plow through it, but gosh, it’s hard… Meds have helped some, but nothing has truly taken away the pain. I hope you find some relief! And I’m so glad you got your mammogram!

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