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what is new about Tuesday…

I am a muddled mom…(that just means I suck)…I got my kids off to school came home did a little laundry, fed my addictions and then left to pick up Griff. Stopped by the hubby and let Griff get a few hugs in and then headed home with a quick stop at Sunset for some bread and sweet potatoes..I digress…so we get home I get Griff’s lunch on the table and my eggs a boilin’ (this is my favorite time of the year for egg salad but again, I digress) and the phone rings…woodland middle school…ugh…my thought, Spencer is sick…but it was teacher and she says, ‘so, one dinner out and you are already standing me up?”…CRAP..I was supposed to be the guided reader today!!! 12-1 it is after 1…man…I am a bad mom…Spencer was not too phased that is until he realized it WAS my day and now wants me to make it up…which I will gladly do..but  now I wear the bad mommy badge for a while. His teacher was fine with it , obviously, but you ALL know how it feels. Thank goodness I do not have to worry about another language interferring in my inability to keep a schedule..read American Girls in Moscow she felt really bad…I felt bad for her and for her DD…I would be lost every ding dang day of the week.


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  1. Thanks for the support. Sorry I’m only now getting caught up on blog reading! So sorry you missed that time at school… Some days I feel as if I accomplish nothing other than having kept my kids alive!

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