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Crocheting…I might actually have the hangof it….

I wanted to learn to knit and had this great idea that I would ask the boys Oma to teach me. She has whipped up some fantastic things for us so she is the perfect person to ask…right…right…only she has NO clue how to knit she crochets. OK, OK it is close to knitting …at their last visit here she brought over like 6 or 8 different sized needles and a little pouch to keep them in…said she has them laying around…all bran new and still in the package…riiiiight…I believe her. Ha. SO after that very generous gift we began to get started learning the basics…wow basic doesn’t cover it. I had a hard time following hr and she broke it down to the simplest form…by the time their  visit was over I had gotten a somewhat good handle on it…I think…I have torn out all the crap that I did when I was first working with her and have started somewhat new…I did leave a little at the bottom for reminders of what not to do…My only problem now is getting the stitches to be the same number in each row…right now it seems that on a few rows I am missing five or six stitches…but it is getting better…the other thing that I need to work on is the ending and beginning of each row though I think I am getting better at that too…

All in time…but really I don’t see an apple hat for Lauren anytime son…maybe in time for high school…but I am still trying, maybe before Olivia is too old… certainly before I have grand kids ….and now a few shots…had to put them on title only…sorry…





2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty good for just starting out. I love the colors in it. What’s it going to be?

  2. for now it is going to be a long long long rectangle…I got nuttin…it is practice…you could so do this Deb..it is simple…it took me no time to learn this stitch..it is the fancier stitches I think about…

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