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Ha..we will show them…


Yep, today would have qualified for a snow day…but ha, we are already off…ha…we are expected to get 6-10 inches and that is just fine with me…I already have my boys home with me and don’t have to worry about them calling off school. It is nice to watch the pretty white snow cover the dreary browns and blacks on the remnant snow plies and street edges. That is the only part of the change of seasons that I do not like….the in between time…when everything is colorless…soon the trees will be all budded out and flowers will be popping and the rain will wash away the remains of winter…we are having our neighborhood Egg hunt in April this year…good idea since I do not think looking for eggs in the snow would be fun for many.

This week we have events planned for many of the days…Sunday we are doing a small Easter dinner here with just us and a ham and escalloped potatoes and veggies. We hope that the Easter Bunny visits us leaving a trace that he has been here…Griffin is really getting into this Holiday stuff…it really started at Christmas…we are meeting up with The Vought family and the Eagers family on Monday and Tuesday in South bend. On Wednesday we have a trip to the Kenosha museum and lunch with our friends Matt and Will. Thursday…Spencer wants a play date with his buddy from school..Aji…they are really getting to be good friends. I am glad they will be together again next year. Friday we hope to do something with Rebecca and Marjuanna. That’s a wrap…

Speaking if Griffin…yesterday, being 55 degrees outside the whole neighborhood was out playing… and we were out with them..Griffin is happy to play by himself and was playing on the side of the yard…I do not like that because I can not readily see him..I called him to the front and he did not come I called with “that’s two Griffin” and the next thing I heard was….hard, I am hurt, crying, I ran to see him round the corner face bloody from the nose crying hard. I scooped him up and ran him inside..he said he fell down the wooden deck stairs on his nose…indeed he did…bloody nose dripping..marks on the top of it…after the clean up and making sure he could still blow his nose we cuddled on the couch and talked about what happened…we sang and he felt better..but he is so going to have a black and blue nose and possibly under his eyes. I will have to take pictures if it gets to that point. Right now aside from slightly swollen and a small cut it is not really noticeable. This right in time for his meeting of his new girl friends…I know they will still love him…


So if you don’t hear from me here for a few days you will know why…have a wonderful Spring Break if this is your week…let us know what your plans are…

updated with a few not so good shots out the front door…it is a good storm expecting 10-12 inches now…roads are actually bad and you can barely see in front of you…

2 Responses

  1. we’re getting a big snowstorm too – only expecting 3-6 inches tho. yes, it’s pretty… but, it’s march 21st. oh well.

  2. Well, it looks like we got out of Chicago just in time!

    Actually, we’ve gotten a few inches here too and the roads are really slippery.

    Our spring break is coming to a close. Back to work on Monday for me. 😦

    Monday and Tuesday are promising to be really busy for us (Kristen has a recital Tues. eve) but we will definitely have to try to get together sometime when you guys are our way, or we are yours. Maybe this summer on one of my weekdays off work (I work 4 days/wk). We bought a membership to the Children’s Museum when we were in Chicago, so we will definitely need to come back that way to get our moneys worth!

    Enjoy your spring break and hope you’re not snowed in the whole time!


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