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Did you miss me???…

I was gone almost two days…did you notice?? I was having THE.BEST.TIME with the Votemom family…S, DH B, E-21, R-14, K and A-2 and from Russia….we met in South Bend Indiana at a really nice brand new Residence Inn. We also got to meet up with another mom Jenn and her DD; D-2. I have been wanting to meet Jenn and Vote for some time now…it just so happens that Jenn lives in the South Bend area so this was a perfect fit. We drove 3 hours South East and the Vote family drove 3 hours South West and we met by Jenn…

On Monday we decided since it was to be the nicer of the two days we would be outside so we went to a park and played for about 3 hours…the kids had a blast…mud was everywhere and they were all muddy but it was no big deal…I only had one pair of pants for my boys so we made a quick run to Old Navy for a change. The kids had the best time running and playing and the parents got to talk and get to know one another…Jenn and D went home to their daddy and we went to dinner at Max and Erma…it really was the perfect choice. We had a table for ten in a back area that the kids had some extra room and did not have to sit still for the entire time…after dinner it was back to the Hotel and bed…well we did do some swimming and then bed. Here it was what we thought was 8PM and really it was 7 and we were trying to get the boys to go to sleep…silly us…time change…and so close to home..so they talked and then finally fell asleep on the pull out couch which BTW they thought was T.H.E. coolest…

We had a great breakfast at the hotel (free too and was really good it could rival Denny’s) and made plans for a late check out and off to play at Mega Play…the kids had a blast as we really were the only ones there…they had the run of the place and tired themselves out. After a super yummy pizza lunch it was all too soon to say so long:( … three hours later we were back home. It went by too fast and I could have eaten those girls up all day all three of them. Now lets see what I can do about downloading pictures. What will be the best way to send 130 pictures to the ladies from our visit…maybe disk?? hmmm any thoughts?

4 Responses

  1. you have been busy!!!!!

    i haven’t even finished unpacking our bags yet.

    A has a fever today and K is already down for her nap at 11 am! but it was a fun get-away and the girls are still talking about “the trip”.

    i’d love to have a disc if it’s not too much trouble. no rush… i got a couple of really cute pics of G ;o)

  2. I would love copies of yours too…I will put them on Disc and send them off to you…sorry the chicks are down with something..we did not bring it…maybe Delaney

  3. haha – you are evil (pic#75)!

    i will email you the good ones i have. 2 or 3 at a time so i don’t overload your email. anna probably brought it to all of you!

  4. How nice you guys got together… That play place looks like a lot of fun 🙂

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