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Riddle me this …

OK so we have friends that we do somethings with…and we are in my eyes pretty good friends.  The mom found out that there was going to a signing by Mary Pope Osbourne and told me all about it.  I asked if when she got her tickets if she would get one for Spencer and Richard. No problem. I did not read that as any issues nothing. so The day comes and she has her son deliver the tickets to us. I remind Spencer that her son does not know about the even so please don’t say anything….he does not. So Richard and he leave and I call them to see how it is going and he tells me that first they were meeting his SIL and family there and some other friends…fine..I have no issue with that…though we know his sister and some of the friends but whatever..but the kicker is that seat were saved for all of them in the front row but not Richard nor Spencer…OK whatever not a real big deal either…they still had good seats. Then the author goes to the lobby to get ready for the book signing and they COMPLETELY ignore Richard and Spencer…not to mention that earlier when Spencer saw the boy, his friend, he would not wave or even acknowledge Spencer…This really pisses off Richard because this boy does this often. The parents always make excuses for him. So the movie portion starts the are showing WaterHorse while the signing goes on, everyone was pre-assigned a number, they are number 24 and 25 Spencer is 54…Spencer brought all his hardcover books with him to see if she would sign them all, all that is, but the one that these friends have and can’t seem to locate in their home. That is a bummer. I hope she signs them all and that Spencer has the opportunity to stuff that in their snobby little faces.  I am a bit angry….this was supposed to be a great time for him and if they ruined it then I WILL have something to say to the mom. UGH.

So what do you all think am I irrational… let me hear it…AM.I.IRRATIONAL?


3 Responses

  1. I would be livid! How dare her separate your children and then ignore them. She is being childish, if she had and issue with the situation she should have mentioned it before they went.

  2. I have to respond…I wouldn’t be mad. You asked her to get your boys tickets….and i don’t think it would have been implied that they were going together or sitting together once there. You asked her to do you a favor & pick up tickets for you while she was already there doing it. ESPECIALLY if she was telling you about it and didn’t invite you herself…YOU asked her to get you tickets. I’ve asked friends to get me tickets to things & vice versa…and i wouldn’t think we were going together or sitting together unless we specifically made plans on where to meet or for them to save us seats OR it’s something with assigned seating…like a hockey game/concert/etc…. Then i would guess our tickets would be together since they were gotten at the same time. I notoriously run late and wouldn’t expect my friend who is ALWAYS early to save me seats unless I had asked before hand. But that’s just me. And we do have one set of friends that if we were doing something with them & we invited someone else…they’d be ticked. So even though YOU may not think it’s a big deal to sit with them (the more the merrier right?) It really may have been. Never assume…

  3. it is nice when a lurker comes out and speaks their mind…thanks for your thoughts D…it took me a while but I figured it out…and you have some valid points…if the shoe had been on the other foot my friend would have been LIVID at me…I was just a little miffed.

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