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Spring time

Well, in true form the last day of March is all rain, rain, rain…as we get ready to spring into April. I am happy that the browns and blacks of winter are all being washed away… down the stream in the back yard…it is nice to see it being taken away.  It is only a matter of time now before the trees and flowers start budding out.

I have seen lots of robins searching for nesting grounds and this morning Griffin came running into the kitchen saying “mommy, mommy, I see a gray animal come see it with me!” Thinking it was in a book he was looking at I came with him and much to my surprise it was a squirrel on the deck railing. Staring at us looking totally lifeless, never blinking.” See mommy, a gray animal”…I was at a loss, why didn’t he know what kind of animal it was.  Then I started thinking back a year ago when we would have been seeing a lot of squirrels he was just learning so many words…it was low on the list I am sure. So we talked about the squirrels and what they were and how he got on our deck two stories up. What he eats and where he lives.  He was fascinated and wanted to know if he was going to stay there always or would he move on.  Just then Mr. squirrel blinked and jumped to the stairs and was off into the woods. That was the end of squirrel talk. For today at least.

So after the rain I think we might have to go and find a squirrel home…well, after the creek behind the house goes back to normal levels…it is really hight right now…really high.

BTW, my smart 3.5 year old is writing G’s and D’s. I am so proud of him…it took me showing him how to 3 times and he had it…


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  1. yay for G’s and D’s!

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