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Visit with an Endocrinologist…(TMI sorry)

I had my first Endocrinologist today to be forever referred to as the Endo…can not type that word anymore.

We had some very frank conversation and he seemed OK. He did tell me that Cushing’s is a rare disease and I rebutted with no it is just rarely diagnosed. No reaction. But it is true.  At any rate after an exam he ordered much bloodwork and the 24 hour Cortisol urine test..(yes, pee in a bottle for 24 hours and keep it cold) I have started the urine collection and the blood work will be in the morning, I imagine it will be many pints of blood there are about 12 different things ordered. The last blood draw I had done with any large amount of blood I closed down the lab because the woman taking the blood was not paying close enough attention and the vial of blood filled and popped off and blood was spurting everywhere…the things nightmares are made of.  She finally got  me to stop bleeding everywhere and then had to call the ‘team’ in to clean up the ‘bio spill’, thank you very much that is all part of me… I laid there for about 1 hour trying to recover and finally was able to leave. But the office was closed for the rest of the day….I think someone lost their job too…wink wink. I am not a hard person to draw blood from at all..I have great veins and have had it done so many times now that there is a small freckle where the needle has gone in..Infertility treatments will do that to you.

Let say that I am looking forward to tomorrow for the actual blood work to be started but not for the nightmare to be replayed.  I am confident that it all will be fine, really. Look for next Wednesdays post for there results and next step…

4 Responses

  1. Well, hope the blood work is less eventful tomorrow! Drama magnet. hehe.

    Seriously, hope it all goes well and you get some good medical care and help!

  2. Oh, yeah, and I still owe you a “prize” for your mammo. I haven’t forgotten, just haven’t made it yet!


  3. Oh Deb, only you!!!! Glad the ball is rolling and I so hope they find something out. It is so frustrating to not “feel” yourself and know there is something not quite right and then have to wait to find out what it “could” be.

    Good luck my friend, you are in my thoughts!!!


  4. Jenn I have been missing you…hope you are OKAY…

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