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this house this week

it has been awhile…I have been trying to stay faithful to the blog…I know a few who read religiously for the happenings in my family…we are just soooo exciting…

Since the blood work draw I have been battling a really, slow to come on but strong now that it is here, head cold.  I have been fortunate to have nothing like this for a long time now. Griffin had the bad luck to get it with me…so you know that means nebulizer treatments and the like. We are both miserable…my poor baby all congested and wanting to play outside but not able to hold his head up too long. So he is sitting across from me telling me of all his pains and aches and how hungry he is for hot dogs which sit in front of him…he has the  temp I had yesterday which made my day horrid so I can only all to clear know how he is feeling today.

On the upside…Spence has been asking over and over to play baseball…the league here would allow for him to start this year in the t-ball.  He is excited to be on The Rattler’s…having practice and games Thursdays and Saturday’s. I hope he enjoys it..he knows we will let him try anything once but if he doesn’t show an interest and participate then we won’t sign up again.  I am not sold on my boys being in every season sports…I am not really concerned if they don’t participate in any sport.  If the interest is there we will encourage it.  So now we are baseball parents…for this season at least.
Can’t write anymore…a whiny nose is needy…and I am the tender today..

3 Responses

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well. It stinks to be sick at the same time as the kids.

  2. Oh now, colds suck! I hope that you are both better soon. Eat lots of chicken soup and vitamins!

  3. Go Rattlers! (what a cool team name!)

    hang in… praying this mroning that today is better for both of you. how wonderful that Griffin has a mama to take care of him when he is sick. amazing.

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