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The second Squishing…

All is well, they want to see me in 6 months but said that there is nothing going on and the real reason for the call back was to have more tests for future reference. So they did another set of mammograms more squishy and more selective on spots that they thought might be issue and then did an ultrasound and the that was it. I think I actually sat waiting between each stage longer then having things done. So I am good for 6 more months and then once a year…

On a side note, the plague has entered our home. I started it with the beginning of a cold last Friday that turned into the plague and has infected our entire family. I was doing really good staying away from everyone but…we all got it. It was bad enough that I called my mother and yelled at her for not living here anymore so she could come a nurse me and the family back to health. Richard says…so she would come here and just get sick…I said yeah but then we would be better and I could take care of her. Men, what do they know..I usually do not get hit with these things the boys do and it takes each of them our for a day or two..man this one has me on day 6 and still not more then 75% back. So Spencer is at the Doctor now and God bless Griffin as soon as we get anything in this house he gets active asthma and goes on his steroids and is fine…hyper as all get out but fine. Going to lay down now….


2 Responses

  1. Double whammy. Getting squished between 2 cold glass plates, and getting squashed by the plague.

    At least the mammo results were good! Hope your family is on the mend.

  2. I hope your results are good, and I hope you all feel better soon!!!! It’s so hard to be sick at home when one kid is hyper; I feel your pain! Lots of good wishes…!!!!

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