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It is taking me a while to get back and running with the big dogs again…what ever it was that plagued my family has almost left our home and I NEVER want it back. It has been a good long while since we were all sooooo miserable…and never all at the same time…we were pathetic…I called my mother and yelled at her for living in Florida when I needed her here…thats is how bad it was.

So now trying to get back some sense of normal again…Spencer went to school on Friday but then was sick again all weekend…he has slept more these past few days then he ever did. He actually slept over 12 hours last night after a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. (with dad!) I however did not get the nap or the 12+ hours of sleep…man I can not even imagine how I would feel if I slept through the night with out peeing 3 or 4 times…ya know sleep like a rock star sleep…no sense in dreaming. Spencer took take two at school today going in at ten o’clock. I think he might be OK now…let’s hope so….he starts tee ball soon.

During the lowest depths of our dying anguish, Richard and I decided that we were going to have a garage sale…but this means that we needed to clean every corner of the house. We have started in the farthest point and will work our way across the house….we have completed our walk in closet…big big deal…took over a half a day…it is DONE…my husband is a clothes horse. Enough said.  I have started on the master bathroom and it will be complete tonight.  We also did the boys bathroom and it is nice to have things in order there again. Next is the hallway linen closet that holds no linens..well a few sheets but that is it.  Then the boys rooms and spare room…the upstairs should be done by this weekend.  Hoping that all the clothing that is too small or not wearable anymore is GONE. The worst of this little party is the kitchen and the basement and the toys…I did box up a lot of tupperware yesterday in my search for something…. that is a good thing I guess…but my butlers pantry is a nightmare waiting to happen and the toys…good golly the toys..lest we not forget the toys outside too…and then the basement….I get a scrapbooking room if I actually succeed in cleaning out the basement.

The plan is to buy Great America passes this year with the money and hope that we have extra…maybe I really can get a start on the scrapbooking room. That would be OH SO COOL…..


10 Responses

  1. Did someone say Garage sale?

  2. God Bless America! That above comment was by me. Are you doing a neighborhood one, again? Or just by yourselves? Do you want company or to tell me to bugger off?

  3. Glad you are feeling better! Sickness is NO fun for a mom.

    Wanna make some sort of deal? You can come declutter my house for me and I’ll let you sell my junk too! Sound good?


  4. you sound like you have a lot of energy – especially considering how sick you were. i need some of that… badly!

  5. While anguishing over the stupid bathroom….yes it is now stupid…we made the same promise. I started with the kitchen. I will be tearing it up around the house for our garage sale too!!!

    It feels great doesn’t it?!?!?!

  6. ebra you are welcome to join in…I think there will be a few other houses too..Michell and maybe Sue…they did their annual last week…in the rain…it was a bust….again.

  7. Good for you–both for feeling better and for doing such a great job tackling the clutter! I **SO** need to do that, too… When, oh, when… Oh, yeah, perhaps all that time spent blogging could be better spent… Nah!

  8. Well, at least it didn’t snow this time. Last year was horrendous.

    I think I’m totally game. I have a few things downstairs already and could definitely come up with more stuff. Luckily, no more 8 bins of clothes.

  9. All of a sudden….I CAN COMMENT!! I am sooo glad I decided to give the commenting here one.last.chance.

    Well done you for all your cleaning. Don’t do too much too soon, though.

  10. KATE KATE..so glad that they ‘let you in’….a whole new world of responding for you….welcome all the way from St P.RU

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