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warm weather…finally

….of course all Griffin wants to do is GO.TO.THE.PARK…big park, little park, secret park, grans park, the grove, Auntie Heather’s park…it really makes no difference…..just get me to a park…he also is fondly remembering his first trip to the park this year with Anna and Kate and Delaney…he talked about it nonstop all day yesterday.  We even called Mrs. V to  see if we could say hi….I think that he is very smitten with Kate.
Speaking of smitten….this is the conversation that took place the other evening….

Me: I think that Griffin is in love…with Peyton…

Griffin: Big smile…

Spencer: that is OK mom I had my love for her last year….

Me: really??

Spencer: yeah, mom that was last year though…

Griffin: I like Peyton mommy, she is nice

Spencer: you can have her now…

my goodness they are not old enough to be passing the girls back and forth yet…hand me down girlfriends…UGH…

So 5 or 6 years ago I began the Meadowbrook Drive Easter Egg Hunt..(with Easter being two days after Christmas this year) it was a little cold and SNOWY! SO it was moved to this coming weekend..that was fine..but now all the kids have baseball and T-ball and soccer so no one would be home for the hunt….cool…but they moved it to MEMORIAL DAY…nearly June…I mean really I get it there is a lot going on and trying to accommodate 10 families 45 people is very difficult…but an Easter Egg hunt in June…weird…so I was talking about it with one of the neighbors and she said ya know this has just gotten to be way to big of a thing…when you started it everyone brought something and the kids had a great time..now one family takes it all on and pays for it all…I said well that was not my doing or my intention when I started it. She then went into this thing about how she has this Christmas party every year for the neighborhood and how expensive it is and how all she needs to do now is have to throw the Easter party too. Well, if that doesn’t put a damper on the Christmas party for me now, knowing how she really feels about it. SHE started it and SHE chooses to do it every year…and guess what SHE invites more then just the hood and SHE along with everyone else gets STINKING DRUNK…so it can’t be that bad for her. So I said then don’t do it if it is that big of a deal to you…stop having the Christmas party…you make that decision every year for yourself…when I started this Egg hunt thing is was a neighborhood thing meant for the neighbors to get together and kinda kick off the warmer weather arrival…not for one family to take the whole thing on.  SHE said nothing….I am sure I will hear about it again….

My weekend is set now…I am scrapbooking from Friday night till Sunday Afternoonish…I am thrilled…a little time away…my mom will be arriving sometime on Sunday evening for 4 days so that will be good..I am sure that I wont be blogging next week…I will have to post my pages the following week…

Finally, a friend of ours is having brain surgery as I write…if you have a little extra time and can say a few positive thing for him that would be great. This is his third surgery….hoping it will be his last…

4 Responses

  1. Gosh….makes me glad I’m not that involved with our neighbors!

    All our “social life” of that sort is at church where the organization, the location and even the cost is nicely borne by the community. I see that makes it all a lot less stressful.

    I’d certainly want to find something else to do the night of the Christmas Party!!!

  2. That’s all I hear out of Robbie too… Go to park, go park, go to park, go park? I even got a “warm outside, go to park?” today… guess I used the excuse that it was cold outside one too many times!

  3. Hope you’re having fun scrapbooking! I’m so envious!

    It CRACKED ME UP to read how the boys are passing down a girlfriend! They’d be a good match for my girls–how their brains work in unexpected (and blog-fodder-producing) ways!

    By the way, Katya would LOVE to be a Magic Tree House penpal… Maybe the kids could write about their favorite parts of the most recent sea creature book? Katya would love to hear more about how you guys met MPO…

  4. Ok, now I can’t share this post with Hannah as she might get jealous!
    Come on folks, if you lived in sunny Florida you would got to the park EVERY DAY :0) We were already in the kiddie pool all weekend..yay!

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