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since I can not sit here too long and post….

you get a cut and paste …thanks vote…

Where is your cell phone?in my car

Your significant other? coaching tee ball then a birthday party with both boys

Your hair? a mess…and dirty…and needs a good cut

Your mother? in Spring Grove IL today and Florida tomorrow

Your father? heaven

Your favorite things? my boys all three, boys with clean hair, a spotless organized house. Spring and Fall

Your dream last night? lately weird because of the vicoden but last night….hmmm do not remember one

Your favorite drink? Mr. Pibb cold NO ice please, ice ice ice cold water go figure

Your dream/goal? I am happy with my life, my boys..I guess to be healthier and finish off my basement

The room you’re in? kitchen

Your ex? I have no EX

Your fears? dying young

Where do you want to be in 6 years? I will be 51…good lord…so will DH, boys will be 12.5 and 9.5 holy crap…just where I am but healthier

Where were you last night? home

What you’re not? angry and bitter

Muffins? I can take them or leave them

One of your wish list items? complete re-paint (same colors) of the interior of the house painting the rooms that are still white and finish the basement.

Where you grew up? about 6 miles south of here.

The last thing you did? got the boys ready for the day

What are you wearing? PJ’s at noon how can you go wrong

Your TV? i’m not sure what this means… um, we have two – one in the family room and one in our bedroom

Your pets? do fish count

Your computer? a gateway which i like very much. would like an upgrade sometime this next year…

Your life? extremely fortunate and blessed and messy very messy…and getting busier…

Your mood? at the moment…calm slight pain in bladder area

Missing someone? yes, usually always someone is missing from my life at any point in time

Your car? 2007 Honda Odyssey and I love it….but I have not owned a car I did not love…I would like a GREENER car in the near future.

Something you’re not wearing? socks, under ware, bra…OK OK TMI

Favorite store? lately any store I can look at and or buy home things, towels, sheets, curtains, you know…

Your summer? for Spencer very busy…Griff and I not so much…would like to get myself to my friend Sybill’s neck of the woods this summer…

Like someone? lots and lots of someones

Your favorite color? always Purple but of late green and red and blue…

When is the last time you laughed? we laugh all the time in this house…even when some don’t think it is funny…

Last time you cried? April 10 or 11 in pain…just a small tear though

come on…someone else play along


4 Responses

  1. Have you still not passed that kidney stone??

  2. no I have had it blasted but am having a hard time sitting upright for a long period of time…still have the dern stent too..it comes out Monday hopefully…thanks for asking…I promise to post the whole sorted story soon…

  3. Glad you’re back, Debi!

  4. I’m glad you’re on your way to feeling better! So… how was the scrapbooking weekend??!!! I’m so, so jealous! A friend of mine from NYC used to go to annual retreat somwhere in in the east (Pennsylvania? NJ?) and LOVED it!!!

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