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Igor…you may not even know him…

I have been inactive on the yahoo group that is from the people adopting from Griffin’s home town in Russia.  I have not done it purposefully but have been finding other places to read.  I had a back log of posts to read there almost daunting…

I received an email from Amy telling me that I needed to get caught up at the Yahoo board and see if I knew this child that just came home from there are he is Griffin’s age.  My thoughts were this…OK so that means that this child I would have no doubt met. Possibly I have a picture of him/her…so I make my merry way the yahoo group board and begin reading the posts

The mom of the child in question wrote that they were home recently with their son.  Please email with questions…I immediately email her, tell her who I am how I got her email and ask her the relevant questions. What was your sons name in the baby home and was he three and a half.  She responds with the name Igor…Igor…Igor…tears stream down my face, Igor…OMG, Igor…and best yet she sent a picture…he is so adorable….and so grown up….Igor…crying like a baby, Igor…Richard comes to me and says what the h-e- double toothpicks is wrong…I show him the picture…his eyes widen…he looks at me, looks back at the screen…Igor?…is it Igor???…how can you forget a face that you fell in love with a face that the ladies in the baby home said would never leave the home because of his Gypsy heritage….a boy you thought was destine to leave the home at 16 serve his time in the military and then put on the streets to survive…knowing that most Russians have the same feeling about the gypsy heritage as the baby home people, Igor. Yes, Richard it is Igor. He is home. He is in Houston Texas and we have the privilege of knowing he is home and OK. Once we left the home his little hand waving good bye like he would see us on our next visit he was all smiles. All I ever wanted to know was that he was OK and safe and had a home. I know now that he does. I am eternally grateful. His mom and dad have to be pretty special people for to have been chosen to be his mom over everyone else.

The story of Igor is a beautiful story from Richard and I….we of course were head over heels in love with our little Griffin (Andrey).  Seeing the other children there day in and day out broke my heart every time. Only having walked on our shoes could you possibly know the feelings of pain and guilt and anguish we felt each and every time. We had decided that since we could have Griffin at home forever we would try to leave a little bit of our love with each child there…we spent just as much time with the other children as we did with Griffin knowing that at the end of the journey he was coming home with us. These others these empty little eyes..not so much…maybe never…we had a life time to love Griffin and only a few visits to love the rest.

One trip one we were fascinated by this little boy IGOR, who was robust and giggly and just beautifully colored and outgoing. We has anxious to meet us and play.  He interacted often with us with Griffin. Griff was not in a place to start walking his legs were just getting strong and pulling up. Igor was ready he was walking around everything.  We had asked about him and why this seemingly very healthy boy was still here…the answer…gypsy heritage…because the Russians look down on the gypsies the world must…they are so wrong but you can not tell a Russian anything. We told them that we would love to bring him home too with us..no…end of conversation…we did wish to help him so we did what we could…we taught him in 3 days and 4 visits to walk. He was the proudest little boy ever….by the time we cam back on trip two he was wearing shoes…which you only get when you can fully walk. The translator said he was given shoes the day after we left from trip one…she said to me you beam like his mother….I said I am proud like his mother would be. After our required visits with Griff we left leaving that precious child and all the others to languish in the baby home.

Here is where I must interject that as far a typical orphanages and baby homes go, the baby home in Glazov is a ten plus. They LOVE the children….they care deeply for them….but at the end of the day it is their job and they go home. The children stay that is HOME. I think of the home as a really nice day care center with overnight accommodations…I know that in most of Russia the homes are nothing near what my child lived his first year of life in.

Upon returning home and having the best of life with my boys…I would often wonder about Igor, the boy who would never leave the home.  When we would do things as a family I often dreamed it for Igor…and soon that too passed. But now, dream no more he has a family and they are making life long memories together…and maybe just maybe….someday I can see that little one in person again…if the stars align we can get all our Glazov children together someday.  I also have regained contact with Lana, our translator in Glazov and am thrilled to be able to talk with her again. She tells me that just last week they were talking about me….I am proud that they think of me often and happy that they are talking about me…I feel like at least I made some impression. They did call me the mother hen because every time we came in the children would all clamor (they don’t usually do this with strangers) to us and I would immediately get down with them and play…it was a special time in my life, one that I will never forget.

SO isn’t it nice to hear such a beautiful story…..I know it is one for my heart forever…


6 Responses

  1. what a beautiful story debi! i am SO glad i checked your blog today.

    i often think of a little boy we met in samara. obviously FAS so i imagine he’ll live out his life in an institution or the street. his little face is there… hovering in my mind.

    and of course there is sasha. i canNOT even imagine how i would feel to know that God gave him parents.

    i’m so happy for igor… thank You Lord for making him a family. AND FOR LETTING RICHARD & DEBI IN ON IT!!!!!

  2. Debi,
    Thank you so much for writing this. As the new mom for Igor, it is so comforting to know others loved and cared for him before we met him.

    Thanks again,

  3. Oh, what a great story!

  4. What a happy ending.:)

  5. i needed a happy ending today.

  6. What a great story! These are the ones that we want to hear more of. Thanks for sharing.

    See there was a reason that they wouldn’t entertain your suggestion of adopting Igor, he was already destined for his forever family… it just took a little bit longer for him to reach them. Think of all those families that he charmed while waiting for his Mama & Papa. Who knows, maybe many other children came to their forever families because of thoughts of the precious children, like Igor, they “left behind.”

    Welcome home, Igor! You are very precious!

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