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Catch this Train

Since I have met my total out of pocket deduction for the year 2008, I have decided to have all the medical procedures done that I can have done or need to have done before the year is over…that means you as the reader get to come along…are you lucky or what…feel free to unsubscribe to the bloglines feed now…it could be a long year. Well, what is left of the year.

So I have spoken about cushings disease before here and here. In my battle to find answers (since my Endo found nothing out of the ordinary in my blood work) I have asked my GP for a Dynamic Cranial MRI and he said OK…just like that..OK..I also asked for a new sleep study and he just said OK ..to that too…so I am going in for the sleep study this Friday night (it is interesting I had one done in 2002 but nothing was concluded…now I know I need a Cpap…) Then next week I will have the MRI with results in a few days after that…so if you want to join me on the rollercoaster of medical procedures catch this train as it leaves the station.


2 Responses

  1. hmmm… is there another train going someplace happy?

    just kidding. i’ll hop aboard.

  2. this could be a very happy train S…I am glad to go on the cpap if it means I stay breathing all night and have renewed energy each and every morning!!

    and the MRI if I could get a reason for all the things that are going bad for me I would be happy too…so this could be a very happy train!!

    Welcome aboard

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