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Sleep Study…what they do, what is means…weekend wrap up.

SO this weekend started out like most…on Saturday…hhehe haha…. No, Saturday Richard was up and out on his 4 hour journey to Springfield Illinois for his monthly meeting of the Land Surveyor minds…it is a two hour meeting..’nuff said. SO needless to say he was gone all day. Griffin and I took Spencer to t-ball practice and watched him from the comfort of the dry van.  Griffin actually watched a movie…I watched and dozed a little. After that we ran for lunch and then headed to Libertyville for the Cub Scouts CubMobile races. Spencer was able to ride the car twice getting a first place and then a second place.  He was ecstatic…Oh and it rained on us there too quite hard in fact…and you know me NO coat…Griffin had on his rain slicker and was fine playing at the playground I could keep an eye on both of them from one place…it was perfect..well, wet, but perfect.  Then we went home for a warm up and to wait for daddy to return.  That night I had to leave for my sleep study at Lake Forest Hospital. I was to arrive by 9PM.

Taking advantage of the fact that I might get a magazine read or something I left early. Once signed in I thought I would have a good half hour before they called me…not so much.  Nina was my polysomnographoligist.  She would be studying my sleep. We got to talking, and she has an accent but we have a large Polish population near by so I figured she was Polish. I made mention that in Russia the babushkas were mad at me because even in winter I wore no jacket.  Her eyes got all teary and she asked me what I was in Russia for…I told her…she then says to me…Moscow is my home town. We talked for about an hour about Moscow and adoption and Russia in general…all the time she is prepping me for the night. She is a wonderful lady and wants to teach Griffin Russian..free weekly…I told her we would think about it.

On to the testing. Once I had tried on a  the different types of masks available and picked one she began placing the 12-14 electrodes on my face and head.  One on the leg for good measure. Now this was not new to me I had one of these studies 6 years ago it was inconclusive.  So I have all my things hooked up an she tells me that she will let me sleep for a few hours and then come in and help me put the mask on and I can sleep till 6AM..(I do not get up that early ever) Everything goes as discussed. At 6 AM she comes in and wakes me we talk a little bit about the test, one of the first things she tells me is that she doesn’t know how I go day to day as I never sleep…I get to a point right before it and then wham I am awake from lack of breathing…..sleep apnea. Once she put the mask on me she said I slept like a baby and never woke until shecame in to get me.  SO

will be the new look for me at bed time…and what can I say I hope I get renewed energy and it helps me with the other things I want to so badly fix about me… next up: BRAIN MRI and MRI of the Pituitary Gland…that’s tomorrow…don’t really know what I wish for in the findings maybe just that there is actually a brain there.

For more info on Sleep apnea


4 Responses

  1. Now that’s a sexy look! I’m glad that you are getting help. I don’t think I could sleep in that… I have too many sensory issues… if there is a wrinkle in the sheet it bothers me!

    Good luck with the next set of tests.

  2. that mask is HOT!

  3. My husband wears one. It’s like sleeping with Darth Vader, sometimes–but I am SOOOOOOO SOOOOOO happy to sleep with Darth Vader because he’s a completely different person when he’s awake now that he wears one. His moods used to stink all the time and I would think he was so lazy–he was simply TIRED! And he got so depressed, blaming himself for his fatigue. The machine a wonder. A gem. You’ll love it once you’re used to it!

  4. that is soo cool mm….I have heard about so many that I know that wear them and have been so happy to have found it…I can not wait to get mine and get more sleep giving me more energy…..45 years old with a three year old takes it our of a gal.

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