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Things that fliter through your mind DAILY

I read the blog of another about the things she thinks about daily…it was quite a long list…it got me to thinking about the things that I am always thinking about…so in no particular order… the things I think about everyday…

Russia and the children in the homes

my boys development

Spencer’s day at school

My dad

My mom

how I can get more scrap booking time

How I can be better organized

what is for dinner

how can I save more money




my friends including those I have never met and those little Russian friends

getting more plants for our front yard

my religious beliefs

the economy

our political grief over who to elect

when will I find time to complete the painting projects I have going

will we ever get our basement finsihed

can I get my act together for the garage sale…

my health

Richard’s Health


so that is what I came up,…so, with what floats in your head daily….

3 Responses

  1. interesting post. i will, no doubt, copy it soon.

    so what IS for dinner tonight?

  2. boring…Spencer has homework and dinner immediate after bus drop baseball at 5PM and then right to scouts…his Thursday starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 8PM with no break at all..the dinner of choice for him fish sticks and mac and cheese and fresh steamed broccoli…

    and so it goes….

  3. Oh – yes! I also am always thinking about all the children left behind…..

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